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Zinchenko: In such matches the character always is on the first place

The football player of the national team of Ukraine Alexander Zinchenko expressed the opinion on a draw in a friendly match with Italy (1:1): a heavy game was

- It, but the result suited us. Italians had many episodes and good luck was on our party, but all of us created them problems.

- What was told by Andrey Shevchenko after the match?

- Thanked us on for a game and character. In such matches the character always is on the first place. It is always pleasant to play against the top and national teams which show our level.

- Can tell that on emotions and speeds it was not the friendly match?

- I Will repeat that against such combined friendly matches does not happen. The heat always exists also speeds mad.

- whether you Expected such starting impact from Italians?

- They great moved, and we were not up to the end ready to what they will play in this way, creating numerical advantage on flanks. Often our wingbacks remained against 2-3 football players of the rival and to us it was heavy in movement, but the coaching staff to us pointed to it in a break therefore in the second half we began to play more compactly.

- Andrey Pyatov many times helped out team, but then missed the ridiculous goal. Did you somehow support him?

- Would like to celebrate its game because if not Andrey, the account could be much more. On a goal of Italians - passes and all team therefore I will allocate nobody hammers always. The player of the rival beat from the central area and nobody disturbed him therefore from our midfielders there has to be demand too.

- Whom you could allocate in Italian national team?

- is heavy to allocate one football player. They play surely and without vanity during control of a ball. To us is to what to learn from them.

- you played in the center with Malinovsky and Sergiychuk how you divided functions in the field?

- at the beginning of the match Sergiychuk played more below, and then on the game course we with it exchanged positions.

- That the most positive today for the national team of Ukraine?

is Result.

- the national team was succeeded to hold Today a draw and to do not pass in the last minutes...

- In this plan we of course add, earlier we always lacked concentration. And when it is focused for 100 percent, you will never pass.

Evgeny Renev, from Genoa



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