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Zatulin and the Kremlin mafia cover with words about "federalization" desire to occupy Ukraine, - Yury Butusov

The scandalous interview of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Konstantin Zatulin has been placed by the journalist Yury Butusov on the page Facebook. The journalist has presented opinion of the deputy of rather modern situation and events in Ukraine in 2014. Butusov analyzes today's political intentions of the deputy.

the Ukrainian journalist Yury Butusov on the page of Facebook has placed a scandalous and cynical interview of the vice-chairman of the State Duma Committee on affairs of the CIS Konstantin Zatulin to Federal news agency. Yury Butusov has presented to

the most sign fragments of an interview of Zatulin to the Russian agency. Konstantin Zatulin has expressed the following position concerning events in Ukraine:.

"-In 2014 Russia recognized will of Crimeans. The referendum on independence was held in Donetsk and Luhansk. But has occurred further nothing. Why Moscow hasn't considered desire of Donbass to tear with Ukraine and to reunite with Russia?

- From the point of view of strategy and geopolitics the fact that we have returned Sevastopol and the Crimea, having supported their will, certainly, I have caused damage to development of the Russian-Ukrainian relations. Taking this step - and he was absolutely uncontested concerning the Crimea and Sevastopol, - the authorities of Russia understood that from the intra Ukrainian political context about one and a half million pro-Russian voters are withdrawn. And in the conditions of a constant swing it is an essential factor. In 1994 the candidate [Leonid] Kuchma would hardly win the candidate and the current president [Leonid] of Kravchuk presidential elections, be not the Crimea for Kuchma. Withdrawing, we understand that we shift internal balance towards conditionally westernized forces in Ukraine.

But now in the presence of all these factors - the Crimea, Donbass, a demonizing of Russia everywhere, political repressions against supporters of Russia - nationalists in Ukraine feel high enthusiasm. It seems to them that they have seized god by a beard. And they now for the first time consolidated political Ukraine on the anti-Russian bases. It, by the way, not absolutely truth, more precisely, at all not the truth.

Is "The oppositional block", there are people who sit in prisons, there is a depressed opposition. But it seems to nationalists that they have achieved the objectives. Here they didn't achieve the objectives within 23 years in attempts to ukrainizirovat Ukraine (though, of course, have promoted on this way, but not as they would like that). And here they anywhere and everywhere reign - in media, in the public sphere, in political practice and so on. And it can be counted as the investigation of the fact that we with the Crimea have made advances in a case to Crimeans too and have accepted them as a member of Russia. I Want to tell

one more thing: why, actually, this Crimea is so necessary for us? What is the Crimea for Russia? [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has commented so on it - it is the sacral place for Russia. But you have asked a question not about the Crimea any more, and about Donetsk and Luhansk. There is a bit different history. Donetsk with Luhansk have stayed in structure of Ukraine 30 years bigger. During this time by efforts of Soviet



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