Date: 9 months ago   Category: Sport

Yury BAKALOV: Chernomorets - very much and very difficult team"

The head coach of Lviv Yury Bakalov has commented on a victory over Volyn in a friendly match with the score 4:0.

"Have carried out a control duel which has summed up mini-gathering of team.

Have tried different combinations of football players, practically all children have been involved in this game. Have looked at readiness of players which we tried to raise in training process. Into the account of special attention we don't pay

, there is no euphoria any. Volyn had purposes on this match, at us - the. I consider that we have coped with certain tasks though it is impossible to tell that the team has played ideally.

Is the moments which want to be corrected. There is a wish to pay tribute to rivals: have played with the good team on the qualitative field. Also have checked our readiness for official matches.

Since Monday we began to prepare for a match with Chernomorets purposefully. We will gradually give information of group of rather future rival.

Chernomorets - very much and very difficult team. The club though has got at the last minute to premier league, but the good and qualified football players are brought together there.

They have already passed school of premier league, they have alloy of experience and youth. There are skilled performers, there is a youth which acts not the first year in an elite division. On structure team very good, and not for nothing it occupies such?? a high position in the table.

we Will hope that the lawn in Odessa will be in good shape. We didn't see him with own eyes, only on the picture. But we hope that people who are responsible for quality of a lawn after all will put it in order.

Stadium took a match for the Supercup of Ukraine, a game of the national team therefore, I think, people have to make some amendments that the field was ready to a duel".



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