Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

Yuriy Boyko: "School truce" has to become an important step to a lasting peace in Donbass

The OPPOSITIONAL BLOCK welcomes the decision of participants of peace negotiation group on the termless silence regime introduced in Donbass since August 29. It was said by OPPOSITIONAL BLOK'S Co-chairman Yuriy Boyko.

"Today in Donbass comes into force the next truce. At school students new academic year begins and it is very important that it was really peace, and nothing has saddened to children a holiday of a school call. As any sane and responsible political force, the OPPOSITIONAL BLOCK welcomes cessation of hostilities. We hope that this time ceasefire will become valid the first step to transition from war to peaceful life", - Yuriy Boyko has emphasized.

at the same time, he accented that parties of the conflict don't look for political ways for overcoming contradictions today.

"Negotiations" of the Minsk group" most often concern exchange of prisoners and hostages. Consultations in the international formats don't give an exit to the road map of stage-by-stage peaceful settlement. Therefore we call all parties of the conflict for activization of political efforts for search of a formula of peaceful settlement that in Donbass blood has ceased to flow and to suffer people", - the oppositional politician has told.

the Co-chairman of fraction of oppositionists has also noted that the OPPOSITIONAL BLOCK constantly acts as the initiator of the offers directed to an achievement of peace in Donbass.

"At our political force is the accurate and realistic peace plan. But "the party of war" in the Ukrainian power doesn't want to hear "party of the world". They continue to use war as means of personal enrichment and political public relations.

After the victory on elections the OPPOSITIONAL BLOCK realizes the plan of peaceful settlement. In its basis - stage-by-stage implementation of the agreements reached in Minsk. At the first stage - introduction of the peacekeeping contingent to the combat zone. Then - realization of a package of political decisions: adoption of law on amnesty, on the special status of Donbass, transfer of control over border and elections by the Ukrainian legislation under observation of the international community", - Yuriy Boyko has said.

the Politician has emphasized that the OPPOSITIONAL BLOCK is ready to discuss this plan at all levels.

"We are ready to discuss our plan for peace-making in Donbass at all levels. Including, in a format of direct negotiations with the Russian Federation. As the only "party of the world" in Ukraine we will do all necessary to stop bloodshed, to provide territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state and peaceful development of our country. According to the latest data of an opinion poll, 71% of citizens support immediate completion of war in Donbass. And it speaks about the main thing - vast majority of people want peace in Ukraine", - Yuriy Boyko summarized.



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