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Yulia Kovalevskaya: The economy of Ukraine is similar to "a walking corpse"

About it the oppositional politician Yulia Kovalevskaya in the blog on the website "Glavnovosti" has written.

Recently heads of the government have made several careful statements that in Ukraine the default is possible. And all hope - to the aid foreign partners from whom expect the new credits.

"In any country such rhetoric of the high-ranking officials demonstrates that a situation "on the verge" as even assumption of crisis by officials already influences investment climate. If it is said aloud, so affairs in the state really bad. Here only "recipes" of a way out are offered very doubtful", - Yulia Kovalevskaya has said.

She has noted that she the recommendations of the IMF which gives money very reluctantly but watches closely implementation of requirements extremely, lead not to revival, and to further degradation of the real sector of economy.

"Increase in prices for gas became the reason of emergence of new problems in metallurgy as gas makes up to 15% of product cost and also has led to crisis in other branches - from the remains of Khimprom before production of building materials. The Ukrainian production became less competitive in the world markets, so, less than a currency will come to Ukraine. Therefore, and with payments to the same IMF there can be problems. So far the favorable world prices for steel products save, but and she can will end. whether

functionaries of the IMF Understand it? Of course. But their main task - not our country to save from a default, and "to break the resistance" domestic manufacturers - competitors of the western corporations. From here and distribution of baizes a la "an agrarian superstate". Citizens are forced to increase expenses on fee of housing and public utilities? Means, they cut expenses on consumer goods. And therefore less taxes go to the budget", - the oppositional politician has emphasized.

according to Yulia Kovalevskaya, the plan of income of the general fund of the State budget following the results of the first half of year is underfulfilled for 3,5%, or "Filling of the budget goes on 14,9 billion UAH

due to inflationary processes that, besides, beats the population. Here also the circle becomes isolated. Without the credits of the IMF it is impossible to satisfy external debts, and in economy there will come crash, and with implementation of recommendations of Fund crisis is also inevitable. Whether accepts the government of a measure to avoid a collapse? More likely, marks time. Tens of necessary items of expenditure of development - on support of the industry, export, innovations, agrarian and industrial complex, increase in energy efficiency aren't financed. Despite existence of the budgetary plans, funds according to the Program of creation of Fund of support of innovations, aren't allocated for formation of the capital of Export credit agency, functioning of institutions on support and promotion of export, replenishment of authorized capital of Innovative financial credit institution, support of technological innovations of the industry, financial support of farms, reduction in cost of the credits for agrarian and industrial complex", - Yulia Kovalevskaya accented.

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