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YouTube set as the purpose to block videos containing manifestation of anti-Semitism, xenophobia and discrimination on any sign

In the headquarters of the World Jewish congress this decision was called "revolutionary". The new policy of popular service YouTube - to delete anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi materials - a precedent for other Internet platforms.

of YouTube set as the purpose to block videos containing manifestation of anti-Semitism, xenophobia and discrimination on any sign.

Under the ban gets the content challenging or calling in question officially documented events with manifestation of cruelty and violence including denial of Accident of the European Jewry during World War II. the CEO of Anti Defamation League Johnathan Gritblatt at himself on Twitter about it wrote

: "Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of slander, freedom of expression does not mean freedom to incite to violence against Jews or other minorities".

of publications of anti-Semitic contents the World congress researches not the first year and notes that in comparison with 2016, the number of extremist publications grew by 30%
"We found out that each 83 seconds on one of social networks information of this kind appears. YouTube was one of such networks. Facebook and other organizations sin with it too. And since then we with them actively work on eradication of this phenomenon".

needs to be noted that in May, 2019. Facebook blocked several accounts which authors differ in special not tolerance, including Luís Farrakhan and Alex Jones.

in January, 2019 YouTube began to take steps concerning so-called boundary content: conspiracy theories about terrorist attacks on September 11, misinformation about vaccines and so forth.

Tools of new policy so far in development, but will be already known, for example, what content of type is removed from partner programs of YouTube which gives to owners of channels a share of income from advertizing in rollers.

However video hosting scale - on service is added every minute over 500 hours of the new video production - prevents the company to monitor violation of the rules.

of YouTube is going to change algorithms of search of materials. Some of them are important for studying of the nature of extremism therefore removal of rollers will happen in a selective order.

However arises an eternal question: where does the border between filtration and censorship pass?




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