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You remember how the worker of Msdonald' s has beaten the client? Here is how everything was actually

You remember how the worker of Msdonald' s has beaten the client? Here is how everything was actually
A little bit not as have given media.

Video of a fight has been posted in Facebook and Instagram by the inhabitant of Nevada Mari Deyag who has told that scandal has begun when she has tried to gather to herself free sparkling water, Feedy TV writes.

In the comment to video is told: "The girl wanted to gather to herself waters, and the worker has suddenly closed the car with sparkling water".

the Furious client has thrown into the worker the Worker of McDonald's milkshake, and that has in reply attacked her with fists. you can see

On video how яро they argue and cruelly fight:

Is difficult to sort something, but at some point the worker shouts: "With what it a time you can afford it?".

On what shouts of the client sound: "That is why your bum stands behind damned cash desk" and throws into her French fries.

can Also be heard as she repeats: "Well give, fight".

On the page on Facebook of Deyag is said that she lives in Las Vegas, the State of Nevada, and was born in San Mateo, the State of California. It is unknown where there took place fight.

When the employee has attacked the client, that has lifted a metal tray and has knocked her on the head.

during the cruel fight when the employee dumps the girlfriend on a table, other employees and the client try to interfere.

of Steam, eventually, is divided, but the client doesn't want to stop - she continues to offend the worker.

a Fight is started over again and at some point the employee shouts: "My mother isn't dead, show to her respect!", though it isn't clear, than it is caused.

the Client also lifts a chair and tries to throw him on the opponent, but then lowers him, obviously, having refused any hope for a victory.

of the Girl exchange several more angered words, but already disperse in different directions.

of Christina Zvarych.




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