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You have to drink lemon water every morning is the real natural elixir of health

According to the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy, the choice of your daily procedures is made by your body absolutely resistant or susceptible to diseases. Begin with

the day with a cup of water warm (not more hotly) and add her to juice of a half of a squeezed orange.

Here advantages of this morning ritual: 1. Strengthens immune system Lemons are full of vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C is excellent in fight against cold while potassium stimulates function of a brain and helps to control blood pressure. 2. He counterbalances the pH level Lemons very alkaline products. Though they have acid in their structure, in our organism lemons work as an alkaline basis (citric acid doesn't create acidity in an organism after its processing in an organism).

the Alkaline body is a key to good health. 3. Helps with weight loss Lemons are full of pectinaceous fiber that helps to reduce the spasms caused by hunger. Water with a lemon increases metabolism and also helps you to lose weight.

Also water with a lemon increases a tone, and it is healthy to begin day! 4. Helps with digestion Warm water stimulates digestive tract and a vermicular movement. Lemons and limes contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins which help to get rid of toxins in a digestive tract. 5. Lemon water works as natural diuretic Stimulating more frequent urination, lemon juice helps with disposal of unnecessary materials. Thus, a conclusion of toxins from an organism will be quicker and more often and will maintain health of urinary tract. 6. He stimulates a brain and nervous system Lemon water contains a lot of potassium. Lower levels of potassium are connected with emergence of a depression, concern and forgetfulness.

Ascorbic acid in a lemon increases the organism resilience to a stress. 7. Purify skin Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles and spots on skin. It does skin brilliant and dense. Lemon water works as blood cleaner that means that it deletes toxic substances from an organism and, thus, keeps skin of clean. 8. Water with a lemon works as powerful antioxidant It is connected with properties of this citrus which are very rich with antioxidants. Lemon water can help to protect an organism from free radicals.

And also to balance cholesterol level, strengthens immune system and prevents presenilation.



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