Date: 6 months ago   Category: Politics

"Yellow vests" took with protests to the streets of one more EU country

In the Netherlands at once in several cities the action of "yellow vests" takes place. Activists have no common goal. So, some of them took to the streets because of discontent with the policy of the government, others demand available medicine and education, to reduce taxes and to improve the standard of living.

Protesters in yellow vests took to the streets not only in Paris and other cities of France, it occurs also in the Netherlands,

- is said in the statement. Protest actions take place

in the Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Alkmare.

Is known that in the Hague the police blocked the protester access to Binnenkhof in which the Estates General (parliament of the Netherlands) and the residence of the prime minister are located. To activists suggested to hold a demonstration on the square near Binnenkhof. several people passed

In Rotterdam on Erasmus Bridge, and protesters gathered in Amsterdam at Stoper - a complex of a city town hall and the main opera theater of the city. In general, the Netherlands actions are not numerous.

Who such "yellow vests" and why they protest?? These are drivers who protest against increase in prices for fuel, an ecological tax and also against "the unfair policy of the government" which undermines purchasing power of the population. The spontaneous movement dissatisfied with increase in prices for fuel arose on social networks. Protesters recognize each other thanks to yellow emergency vests which they put under a windshield of cars.



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