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Yaroslavl invests in construction of the modern airport in Dnieper

The state together with the Ukrainian businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky, the owner and the president of the DCH group, will invest in construction of the new airport in Dnieper.

it in an interview of was said by the minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Omelyan.

It is known that modernization of a runway of the Dnieper airport has to be financed from the state budget as an object strategic double (civil and military) appointments, but so far her last reconstruction was carried out still in the eighties the last century. The largest megalopolis and the business center of Ukraine is cut, actually, off from the international air traffic, and inhabitants of Dnieper and many other settlements located nearby are forced to use for travel and business trips services of more modern air terminals in other regions of Ukraine. there is no

"A runway. She in an awful state. It is necessary to build new completely. Terminal there too bad. About what the terminal at own expense is ready to construct Yaroslavsky has given the public obligation. The state begins to build a runway, Yaroslavsky - the terminal. It is business. It is profit for the state from receipts for landing of each plane. It is profit for business from each passenger. So the whole Europe works", - the minister of infrastructure has told. Alexander Yaroslavsky has confirmed to

earlier the readiness to invest in creation of the modern passenger aviaterminal in Dnieper as soon as the state - the owner of a runway - makes the decision on assignment: "As soon as there will be a clarity, I am ready to get to work", - Yaroslavsky has told. Thus, at Dnieper high chances to receive the modern airport of a world class in a format of such public-private partnership if statements of the minister are realized.

"The region attractive commercially - the forecast of a passenger traffic is optimistical, requirement is obvious. Dnepropetrovshchina chokes without normal air traffic long ago. And DCH has everything to solve this problem. There is money to construct the part - modern air terminal complex. There is a team with unique knowledge and abilities which quality of work is known already and presidents of Lithuania and Poland, both UEFA, and diplomats of the different countries. Do you want to look what terminals we can construct in Dnieper? Go to Kharkiv, you will see everything", - so I characterized the project to journalists of "Observer" the owner of DCH earlier.

It is known that Alexander Yaroslavsky's investments into the new Kharkiv airport have given the chance to "the first capital" of the European Football Championship in 2012 (Euro-2012). The total amount of capital investments of the businessman in the project, including construction of new air terminal complex and restoration of the historical building of the "old" terminal, was over 107 million dollars. Public financing of comparable volume has been directed to modernization of airfield.

enter into structure of a pool of the carriers making regular flights from Kharkiv Wizz Air, Turki Now



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