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Yarmolenko commented on rivals of the national team of Ukraine in selection for Euro-2020

The captain of the national team of Ukraine on soccer Andrey Yarmolenko commented on results of draw of qualification of Euro-2020 which will take place not in the countries, and in the cities. we Will note

that Ukrainians got into group B where their rivals are Portugal, Serbia, Lithuania and Luxembourg.

- to Us got good rivals, and with all it will be heavy. I expected that someone will drop out of the third basket more simply - after all in Serbia quite decent team. It did not develop... Portugal - the defending champion of Europe, here and nothing to speak. But also we have a good national team therefore I am sure that all children quietly apprehended such deal. Let's play.

- you met Serbians two years ago, and you then scored a goal with a penalty. Than that game was remembered?

- We though played then a quite good match, but after all its status spoke for itself. As far as I remember, not all main football players of Serbia participated in this sparring. But already in the League of Nations Balcanians appeared absolutely in other look. I saw many matches with their participation and I can tell that at them enough good performers therefore it is necessary not easy.

- In the first basket at you were some advantages? there Is no

-. There all national teams of high level, and Portugal - not an exception. It will be interesting to play with this team, to check the opportunities and to be convinced that we not just want to go to the European championship, and we deserve it.

- In matches with Lithuania and Luxembourg needs to take 12 points. Do you agree that it is not even discussed?

- In all duels it is necessary to aspire to a victory, but at the same time it is impossible to underestimate anybody. Even Lithuania which lost all matches in the League of Nations.

- Luxembourgers for you - the rival special. Correctly?

- Memorable (smiles). At a meeting with this team I made the first hat trick in career therefore it, of course, is not forgotten. But I think that since then Luxembourg became stronger. In the same League of Nations it, apparently, to the last fought in the group for the first place...

- Five or six teams in group - it matters?

- For me is better six - more official matches. In each tour all play, nobody has a rest. So, in my opinion, more interestingly. But five dropped out - means five. More news from the world of sport read

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