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World Cup: Double of "fighting" gold

On Sunday in Bucharest the World Cup which was devoted to the official 80 anniversary of this sport came to the end. On November 9, 10 and 11 on a carpet of the arena of "Multivalent" held 27 sets of medal events - on 9 in sports sambo at men and women and also in the fighting section.

of All participated nearly 500 athletes from 78 countries from all continents in a tournament.

the National team of Ukraine won 11 awards - 2 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze. The champion double was made by "fighters". The acting owners of continental gold Vladislav Rudnev (up to 74 kg, Donetsk region) and Anatoly Voloshinov (up to 100 kg, Odessa region) repeated this result at world level.

our fighting sambo national team in a team competition as a result got a "silver" cup. It is interesting that the final, victorious for Rudnev, took place literally in smoke: organizers overdid with effect at an exit of athletes, and over a carpet "fog" curled. But it did not prevent Vladislav to overcome the opponent ahead of schedule.

- the Level of the competition grows, and every year it is harder and harder to defend the leader status. I consider that in Romania we achieved worthy result, - the head coach of our national team Mikhail Rudenko emphasizes. - I will remind that Ukraine - one of founders of sambo. For example, the form in which athletes fight now in the early thirties was offered of last century by the trainer from Kharkiv Roman Shkolnikov. Vadim Rogach, the current president of National federation of sambo of Ukraine became one of the chief authors of the existing world rules according to the fighting section. And the senior trainer in this type of the program Sergey Grabovsky in this season successfully prepared the national team which won a team championship of the European championship.

In the last two years sambo so promptly began to develop in Ukraine that our progress even began to cause delight in those who were indifferent to this sport earlier and also to cause envy in people who departed from sambo, including it unpromising business in due time. Next year we are aimed to carry out all strategic tasks. And nobody will prevent us.

BUCHAREST. World Cup. Men. Up to 52 kg. 1. Kubarkov (Russia). 2. Kirakosyan (Armenia). 3. Shaaluu (Mongolia), Nadareyshvili (Georgia)... 10. BRATChENKO (Ukraine). Up to 57 kg. 1. Chidrashvili (Georgia). 2. Бурдзь (Belarus). 3. Karimov (Tajikistan), Yanakov (Bulgaria)... 7. PILIPYaK (Ukraine). Up to 62 kg. 1. Husranov (Tajikistan). 2. Bagdasaryan (Russia). 3. EVDOShENKO (Ukraine), Karakizidis (Greece). Up to 68 kg. 1. Serikov (Kazakhstan). 2. Chasanoff (Azerbaijan). 3. Kletskov (Russia), Koksha (Belarus)... 7. MELNIChENKO (Ukraine). Up to 74 kg. 1. Scriabin (Russia). 2. Markaryan (Greece). 3. Chazaryan (Armenia), Hodzhazoda (Tajikistan)... 19. SARGSYAN (Ukraine). Up to 82 kg. 1. Berulava (Georgia). 2. Kiryukhin (Russia). 3. Yemelyanov (Belarus), Bayamunkh (Mongolia)... 9. BELOW-NPO (Ukraine). Up to 90 kg. 1. Oganisyan (Russia). 2. Stepankov (Belarus). 3. Gkhvinashvili (Georgia), Gerasimenko (Serbia).



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