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World crisis of 2018 "will sweep away" cryptocurrencies

Crises are an integral part of modern capitalist economic system.

Can be approved with confidence that now they are cyclic, and occur every ten years: at first crisis of 1998, then 2008, however this crisis won't be similar on previous, it will be the real tsunami which will sweep away the cost of all stock markets and national economies.

For the last three years world economy grew only at the expense of the new credits which undertook to repay old. In July FRS has made the decision on increase in discount rate on the credits of 0.25%, has been declared that the rate will raise further within a year that will make refinancing of many corporate credits impossible. Such technological companies as Tesla which already is on the bankruptcy razor-edge will become the first victims of this financial mine. From 500 largest American companies, profit is shown only 30 among which Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, 8 banks and two pharmaceutical giants. Ten years of continuous growth of world GDP it is finished because of impossibility to release US dollars in a bigger scale, and owners of money have set for themselves the task of destruction of national economies and the existing political regimes of developing countries among which there are first of all China, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Russia Nigeria, the Republic of South Africa and others.

Instruments of withdrawal of excess dollar weight will become:

- mass defaults on the dollar credits;

- total freezing by the American and British banks and also banks of Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai of assets of "doubtful" origin;

- controlled offshores, including the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Kaimana, Panama, Cyprus will be at a time drawn.

will be started by the Second stage process of elimination of cash when Nigerian dictators and the Russian oligarchs aren't able to translate the suitcases filled by cash in digital dollar because of impossibility to prove legality of origin of these means.

Tough state rhetoric concerning cryptocurrencies already changes on attempts will adapt to the changing world. Excommunication of the developing economies from US dollar will force the "objectionable" states to develop own digital analog of national currency for international payments. In China, one of the first forbidden use of cryptocurrencies, the wheel of National bank had had a cryptoenthusiast I Gunn who declares a course towards elimination of cash yuan. The deep financial crisis in Venezuela caused by impossibility to sell oil for export for dollars because of sanctions of the USA has forced the president Maduro to start development of digital El Petro, in Russia development of interstate digital currency it is entrusted to Vnesheconombank.

the cryptocurrencies Existing today aren't suitable for one state yet completely to refuse fiatny money. Besides, any country in the world won't threaten the national security, using a blockchain,



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