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Working hands from Africa and the Middle East: refugees will begin to storm Ukraine soon

The blazing Middle East and Africa - a constant source of a headache for the world community. Illegal migrants from hopelessness overcome huge distances and risk life if only to get to Europe.

the population of Ukraine is more and more reduced in recent years, the deputy director of Institute of demography and social researches of M.V. Ptukhi of NAN of Ukraine Alexander Gladun says. And the territory at us big, and working hands are necessary literally as air - the enterprises suffer from the shortage of ordinary general workers not that qualified personnel.

Empty vacancies, however, will be not for long.

"To us will go migrants from the third countries. The main stream, in my opinion, will go from the states of the Caucasus, the former Asian republics of the USSR and Afghanistan", - the demographer lists.

Such forecast, according to him, quite keeps within the scheme of demographic processes. On a global scale there are two global directions of migration: from the South on the North (Latin America - in the USA, Africa - to Europe) and from the East on the West (Poles - to Great Britain and Germany, Germans - to the States, Ukrainians - to Poland and the Czech Republic).

"Borders on the planet are almost indistinct for labor. No laws longer, than for one or two years, will slow down her movement", - the scientist is sure.

A few years ago Alexey Poznyak, the chief of department of migration researches of Institute of demography and sociological researches NAN, said that till 2025 the central and northern regions of Ukraine (Chernihiv, Sumy, Kirovohrad, Luhansk) migrants will already occupy. Calculations showed that to the 2025th the deficiency of labor will become enormous, and to Ukraine will begin to attract migrants mainly from Africa and Southeast Asia - integrating into society and training in Ukrainian. "But these forecasts we did

till 2013. Now an economic situation such is that even after her improvement has to pass several years before Ukraine becomes interesting to migrants", - Poznyak believes.

really depends On rates of economic growth a lot of things. But, at the same time, the players of the population of Ukraine are steadily changed, and the number of the contingents forming labor, according to Poznyak, will decrease anyway. While the number of the people needing social security will be obligatory to increase.

"Only migration will help us to improve a situation in the country", - the expert believes.

But this migration has to be controlled, and the migration legislation - very accurate.

"Ukraine both for transit, and is very interesting to accommodation to residents of the third countries, - the expert in international issues and orientalist Andrey Buzarov is convinced. - We are brought already economically closer to the EU, have signed the agreement on association, have received a visa-free regime".

But what difference, say, to the Nigerian that at us with GDP and investment climate, if emigration for him - a question of physical survival, the only chance to run away from the poor, captured wars of the country? So far scientists do forecasts, they прос



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