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Without salt, without bread - there is no lunch

What products and drinks should be avoided to get rid of extra kilos?

our appearance directly depends on what we eat. Some products can improve our figure, others - hopelessly to spoil it. If your purpose - to get rid by summer of extra kilos, then you unambiguously have to refuse drinks and products about which the speech will go below.

Sweet carbonated drinks. Drinks which contain a lot of sugar or sweeteners is enemy No. 1 of healthy weight. Researches show: if to drink several times a week on a jar of sweet sparkling water, with a capacity of 355 ml, in a year you will gather... about 7.5 kg! And there are people who satisfy with this water thirst every day.

One glass of sweet sparkling water a day increases risk of development of a metabolic syndrome by 50% that is followed by increase in level of sugar and "bad" cholesterol in blood, increase in arterial blood pressure and critical decrease in level of "good" cholesterol. Besides, sweet carbonated drinks contain substances which harmful influence our stomach.

White loaf. No nutrients are its part. There is in it and no cellulose as bake such bread of whole grain, and all calories which the organism receives, is plain carbohydrates which turn into fatty deposits. White loaf contains a large amount of salt which is much harmful to an organism (leads to increase in blood pressure).

Plain carbohydrates, the refined sugar and preservatives which contain in white loaf will not bring any benefit, and will only add extra kilos. Of course, it is possible to limit consumption of white loaf, however it is better to refuse it absolutely. As an alternative nutritionists recommend whole-grain bread.

of Candy. The majority of candies contains saturated fats (saturated fatty acids) which cause increase in level of cholesterol in blood that, in turn, leads to increase in arterial blood pressure and, as a result, heart diseases.

contains In 1 g of fat 9 kilocalories. Ideally, day norm of consumption of fats - from 44 to 77 g. One candy contains at least 11 g of saturated fats. If you ate several candies and at the same time ate other food during the day, there is a high probability that you exceeded the day norm of fats.

Besides, candies contain a lot of sugar, and sugar leads in the long term to a set of body weight.

Fruit juice. Juice is useful to our immune system, especially, when it is weakened as contain many vitamins and useful substances. However the pasteurized juice from shelves of supermarkets contains a lot of sugar and calories - it is possible, it is even more, than sweet carbonated drinks.

Instead of juice try to consume as much as possible fresh fruit.

Cookies, cakes and fancy bread. There will be nothing terrible if from time to time you regale on a tasty dessert. But provided that you will watch



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