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Windows 10 was "transferred" to gadgets by a number of malfunctions: "it becomes worse"

The Microsoft company disappoints the users with new updates of the Microsoft Company Windows 10

operating system is engaged in release of operating systems from a signature ruler of the same name on an extent of 20 years. The freshest among operating systems is Windows 10. Its final stable assembly was published in the summer of 2015, and since then developers regularly release for it the latest software in the form of small and large updates. Nevertheless, unfortunately, this OS doomed users to terrible destiny, and there was it because of the management.

the American corporation Microsoft ceased to pay to Windows 10 due amount of attention that leads to very big problems for many people.

Though outside already and 2019, but the management of the company cannot understand that for most of people the personal computer is not means for entertainments, and the working tool on which operability the efficiency and an opportunity to earn money depends. On the contrary, developers do everything possible to complicate life to users.

left Last spring large updating, right after installation, led to eternal reset of the operating system. Reinstallation of OS because in the course of updating of Windows 10 for some reason missed some important files became a solution, that is it was simply impossible to repair the computer without reinstallation of the main software. The following large updating came out the last fall, and after its installation many found loss of personal data.

to find out Later that in installation time of updating on Windows 10 the operating system for some reason tries to transfer all personal data to users to cloudy storage OneDrive and when it is impossible to it, it begins to delete files selectively.

Many because of it lost more than 500 GB of personal content, beginning from photos and finishing with important documents. There is all this while the staff of Microsoft tests each of large updates on more than half a year. Everything indicates

that Windows 10, in view of lack of an opportunity to refuse installation of updates, doomed users to constant bugs and problems with applications.




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