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"Will poison as Colorado beetles": Scientists will spray in the atmosphere chemicals for fight against global warming

In the next 15 years the plane for chemicals and the plan of dispersion will be created. Sulfate will get to the lower layer of a stratosphere and will remain there on hundreds of thousands of years.

Global warming became one of the most important problems of all mankind. On its background no economic crises, military and political fights and also social problems are important. The sun can warm the Earth's surface to such level that on it it will be impossible to live.

Global warming not only "will burn out" dozens of the countries, having made them unsuitable for life, but also will melt eternal ice on Earth poles because of what the risen global sea level will flood the whole cities. In that case all problems of people just do not make sense as all our look is threatened by extinction.

Scientists constantly ask a question: "How to avoid global warming?", - the answer can be very simple - it is possible just to close for a while the Sun. Researchers and Yale the universities came from Harvard to the same simple, but very interesting conclusion recently. According to scientists, the mankind can spray chemicals which will block access to harmful sunshine in all atmosphere of Earth.

In the article the best world minds suggest to spray sulfate particles in the lower part of a stratosphere of our planet. It is absolutely new idea therefore researchers still should work over it, the mankind even has no suitable plane for spraying of chemicals. The vessel capable to fly at similar heights and to transport such freights, simply is not present.

Scientists intend to develop absolutely new plane which could deliver sulfates in the top part of a stratosphere of Earth. All project very expensive will also demand a lot of time - in 15 years it is necessary to spend 3.5 billion dollars.

at the same time this offer has a number of critics. Many consider that scientists will spray in the atmosphere chemicals for fight against global warming not just like that. According to critics, they will just poison people as "Colorado beetles".

Exists also scientific criticism, a pier hundreds of thousands of years that chemicals disappeared from the atmosphere in the natural way will be necessary. During this time Earth will feel enormous discomfort and a huge number of problems.



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