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"Will not die from modesty": Sergey Burunov about Alexander Petrov's ambitions

Star of series "The Police Officer from Rublyovka" and the Russian comedies Sergey Burunov visited on a visit at Yury Dudya where he told about the principles of the Russian cinema and explained why he does not want to Hollywood.

Burunov admitted that he admires the American film industry. According to him, Russia to such level still far.

"I envy in what process they participate and they get what material. Only in respect of a profession I envy them. Because to us before as to China on all fours", - the actor told. "Everything is ground by

on an exclusive. There you are obliged to be... [unsurpassed]. Because there competition. And therefore you receive for it such бабки&33; And at us... attempts are, and attempts fine. There are talented people. But we, unfortunately, lag behind, we at the very beginning of a way. But steps are".

In general, according to Sergey Burunov, to us to everything is still far.

"We lagged behind in everything. On how many do we lag behind Europe, there for 600 years? In the 12th century when we guzzled an orach, in Oxford the woman already taught. Where our industry and where them... How many them the industry already, 100 years or are more? It is necessary for the people bread and circuses. When they had a Great Depression, the economy failed, Rothschild gathered Rokfellera or there and understood: "We have no bread, so where we can? In зрелища&33;". And, of course, billions of dollars or maybe were pumped into it more". the situation in the Russian cinema, according to the actor, reminds

A humoresques by Mikhail Zhvanetsky at all.

"You remember it: bought, brought, included - does not work. Why? I do not know. At us something is constant is not ready, something happened, here does not work. Yesterday worked, today - no. I asked the blue trolleybus why it is red? I asked the 67th year the trolleybus, and it is the 92nd. Well what difference, same the trolleybus", - Burunov described shooting of the Russian cinema.

the actor to Hollywood does not aspire: "Well why I am necessary there? I guess that there occurs inside. Everything is debugged as the Swiss watch. And we have constantly some malfunctions: there something happened, here something does not work. At us the film crew is a micromodel of our state. Someone told me about it", - Sergey shared.

However Sergey Burunov has some relation to Hollywood. Already more than 10 years Leonardo DiCaprio in the Russian dubbing-in of such movies as "Shutter Island", "A wolf with the Wall Street", "The Great Gatsby", "Turncoats" talks its voice. However, according to the actor, he a little for it "humiliating receives". Yury Dud asked

Burunov whether he knows that his colleague on "The police officer from Rublyovka" Alexander Petrov dreams to win the Oscar. "It seriously told it to

? I do not even know that to answer it. At me everything even dried up", - having burst out laughing, Sergey answered. "No, well great, of course, that it has such ambitions. I just, however, did not know. Well, in respect of growth is abruptly. Will not die from modesty".

According to series Burunov's hero calls Petrov's hero "demon", but in life at them several other relations. <



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