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"Why to overpay 300 thousand?": The blogger told, than Hyundai Creta 1.6 is better than VW Tiguan

The autosorter got acquainted with the Korean best-seller thanks to what it saw its advantages.

On YouTube channel appeared a roller in which the blogger sounded Hyundai Creta pluses with motor 1.6 and 6-AKPP and told, than the Korean crossover is better than VW Tiguan. It took for test drive the car of 2018 in one of versions of Active with a run of 7,000 km. Yutuber went to a study tour on the crossover together with the owner of a car and, the last commented on features of the car too.

First what the blogger paid attention to, it that Hyundai Creta perfectly keeps on the road, and in it the crossover is much better than Volkswagen Tiguan. The autosorter called a noise isolation of "Korean" average, however in general the car is comfortable - the author liked high landing of the driver's place, operation of the conditioner. Besides, pleased a wheel which in process of a set of speed "is poured by weight".

the Owner of the considered Hyundai Creta reported that average fuel consumption in the crossover is 8.5 l. Also the motorist reported that the complete set of his car included LED headlights, and they very well light the road. Telling

about operation of motor 1.6 the autosorter asked a question: "why to overpay 300 thousand rubles for the 2-liter motor?". Having swept on Hyundai Creta with the initial engine, the yutuber came to a conclusion that the crossover has enough it quite - the car well starts from the place, and in the movement unit 1.6 provides a normal stock of dynamics. The expert noted that Skoda Yeti with the motor of the same volume, "does not go at all". One more plus of Hyundai Creta the blogger called

internal space of the car. It is enough that considerably both on the driver's place, and on a back row or in a luggage carrier. we Will remind

, the minimum cost of Hyundai Creta in Russia is 957,000 rubles. The car is staffed with 6-MKPP. With the automatic transmission the car is offered at the price from 1,060,000 rubles. Minimum price for the all-wheel drive version of a car is 1,090,000 rubles, and for the crossover with the 2-liter 150-strong motor it is necessary to give not less than 1,335,000 rubles.



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