Date: 5 months ago   Category: Politics

Why the pro-Russian priests ask to release the Ukrainian seamen

Release of the Ukrainian military seamen captivated on November 25 in neutral waters by the Russian Federation is now a priority on which performance all available political resources have to be thrown.

But, in recent days, I observe just wild chapiteau when this process joined representatives of structures and persons who at least by the moral principles could already stand aside.

the Real surprise for me became the address of the representative of the Moscow exarchate (or it is already more correct to tell sects?) the metropolitan Sarnensky and the Polesia Anatoly, to the Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to release the Ukrainian seamen. And I was surprised not so much that the so-called metropolitan addressed Putin as to "his Excellency", how many the fact of the address of the representative of FSB branch to the direct head ordering the subordinates that tragic day.

In parallel with Anatoly worked also Odessa looking from MT, better known as the Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel who addressed with a similar request to the so-called patriarch Kirill.

However do not deceive yourself, in this address the value of virtue tends to zero, and here the mercenary purposes it can pursue a set and at least two should be sounded. The first is a demonstration in the conditions of inevitable exile of the Moscow exarchate from Ukraine of certain positive sides. Well, you know, promotion of times of Nazi Germany when Hitler liked to be photographed with kids.

the Second moment much more significant, the Moscow exarchate, being FSB branch, not only can be the direct negotiator in release, but also in exchange for our seamen to manage to get for itself preservation of certain positions in Ukraine.

But, I did not manage to take breath from messages about a mirotocheniye of the metropolitan Anatoly as throws that Victor Medvedchuk only who can release our prisoners began to come to network, and Irina Gerashenko and Lyudmila Denisova only nullify negotiation process.

Of course, would be desirable to ask in this context a question how many Ukrainian prisoners were released by Medvedchuk's efforts and how many Gerashenko and Denisova's efforts, but, as well as in a case with the mirotochashchy metropolitan, we perfectly understand that similar passages try to impose to us. Especially as Victor Vladimirovich successfully left the "Minsk" talks, and to be attached to his person, in a format of peacemaking and a narrative "peace to the world", somewhere follows.

Here and surprisingly, friends, me to watch how at the same time, literally in coordination, in a question of release of our seamen began to implicate local pro-Russian and directly, the Russian layer. And all not for the sake of release of prisoners, and lobbying of the (read - Kremlin) interests.



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