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Why my following smartphone won't be a leader

On October 9 Google will present to Pixel 3 and 3 XL, and in several days of Apple will show new iPhones. But whether it is worth overpaying for leaders?

In 2012-2015 a difference between a leader and the smartphone of an average segment was essential. Smartphones could even be distinguished easily externally. The leader had bonus materials, was equipped with productive iron. Earlier none of producers used flagman processors in inexpensive smartphones. The market has been accurately broken on categories: leaders and all other smartphones.

For the last few years a situation has substantially changed. Let's deal with her on the example of the Honor Play smartphone which is on sale in Russia at the price in 24990 rubles. It is twice less than the cost of a leader.

the consumer receives excellent assembly, excellent design, the flagman Kirin 970 processor which equips P20 Pro For this money. In other words, sense to overpay special for P20 Pro isn't present.

But, of course, is one small nuance - the camera. Somehow to differentiate leaders and other smartphones, producers try to equip the expensive models with the best cameras. And same P20 Pro to that example.

What we have as a result? Purchase of a leader in 2018 is relevant only if the consumer needs the best camera in the market. Though even smartphones of average price category in good conditions can show excellent results. But nevertheless, if to take P20 Pro, the difference will be essential.

Yes, in smartphones consumers can receive for 25 thousand rubles slower memory of eMMC 5.1 or USB-C 2.0, but all this trifles against the background of all that turns out at the exit.

Leaders for 1000 dollars became a subject of demonstration of opportunities of the companies: "Look how we are able". But in reality national smartphones it is possible to call devices in average price category. And if in 2015 purchase of a leader has been justified, today consumers also understand that they can save 300-400 dollars, having bought the device cheaper and having received almost too most. And on the saved money it is possible to assemble the computer, to buy the game console or one more smartphone as a gift. Opinion you share

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