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Why it is impossible to eat from a knife: signs and superstitions

Since the early childhood said to much of us: "You don't eat from a knife". However, why there is a similar ban, nobody explained. From where this belief, and still has gone why it can't be done categorically, read in my blog.

of the Reasons why it is impossible to eat from a knife, exists a little. The first and the most rational - it is unsafe. You can cut with a sharp table object the language, and similar wounds very "bolyuchy" and they heal long enough, bringing discomfort. Other reasons have no rational grain. Nevertheless, time still our grandmothers and great-grandmothers forbade us to try food from a knife, on that, for certain, there were bases.

If is from a knife, then angry you will be

This argument is the most widespread. Ancestors believed that the knife is the most aggressive table subject and can just transfer the charge and to the one who will try a food piece from him. By the way, quite often say that if is from a knife, you will be not only evil, but also jealous. From where there was a similar explanation - unclear. "You don't eat

from a knife if you don't want to lose darling"

Some women are sure that if is from a knife, then the husband can conceive a liking for alcohol or will begin to change.

the Use of food from a knife can spoil aura
This argument in favor of the ban of the consumption of food from a knife has been thought up by esoterics. According to them, on a sharp tip of a knife (and also in corners of the room, a table and so forth) negative energy which, approaching a body, is capable to break the power field of the person accumulates. Therefore there can be an indisposition, deteriorate mood, overtake a depression and apathy.

of Slizyvaniye of food from a knife can become the reason of a heartache
Such superstition takes place to be, however, as well as the most part from given above, has under itself no soil.

to Believe in superstitions or not - to solve only to you.



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