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Why hands always cold: 10 reasons

Cold hands very often bring discomfort. If at you hands constantly freeze, эито can confirm problems with health. The-challenger writes about 10 reasons of cold hands.

If your hands freeze only when on the street or is indoors objectively cold, and in the summer you forget about this problem, it is just the thermal control mechanism. The organism preserves heat for internals and reduces a blood-groove in extremities which, it is kind of awful sounded, are less important for survival. If you began to notice

of Gipofunktion of a thyroid gland
that to you it is constantly cold, even when people around complain of a heat, and because of it at you cold hands and besides the slowed-down heartbeat, constant fatigue and depression, causeless hypostases and an increase in weight, you need to see a doctor that he has directed you to check the level of hormones of a thyroid gland.

If free T4 is lowered, and TTG (hypophysis hormone), on the contrary, reads off scale, it indicates a hypothyroidism, that is your thyroid gland doesn't work at full capacity. It leads to delay of all metabolic processes. From here feeling of constant cold. After correction of level of hormones symptoms will disappear. Arterial hypotension (the lowered pressure) of

If at you constantly lowered pressure probably you already know

about it. Frequent dizzinesses at sharp change of position of a body, noise in ears and eternally cold hands because of a lack of blood circulation - with this set of symptoms you are unseparable.

In this case is necessary regular control and measures for improvement of health which will be advised by the doctor: physical exercises, healthy nutrition, contrast shower and so forth.

If you have begun to test all this recently, it is necessary to address the doctor and to find out in what the pressure decline reason. Them there can be a set: from pregnancy and the same hypothyroidism to problems with a liver and heart.

lead Deficiency of iron, B12 vitamin, folic acid or other minerals and some diseases to decrease in level of hemoglobin. As a result - internals and fabrics are worse supplied with oxygen.

First of all insufficient blood supply (besides because of economy of resources) affects extremities therefore your palms become cold.

Other symptoms: weakness, dizziness, tachycardia. To reveal the shortage of hemoglobin, it is enough to make the general blood test, and here to find out the anemia reason, it is necessary to undergo comprehensive examination.

the Disease (syndrome) of Reynaud
If your palms and feet constantly cold, and when freezing fingers gain white or blue color, perhaps, you treat 3-5% of the population of Earth which have Reynaud's disease.

From cold vessels are narrowed, fingers grow white or become blue and very much hurt. When extremities get warm, they become bright red. In general this syndrome is harmless, but it increases risk of a frostbite. Therefore costs to patients with Reynaud's disease



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