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Why Chinese seldom are ill and are tired? They know this method!


Modern people constantly have feeling of fatigue. It occurs because all of us time sit and we move a little. At the same time power channels stand.

According to traditional Chinese medicine if the person has no problems with passability of meridians and channels, then there are no problems and with blood circulation. And it is guarantee of good health.

On a hand of the person is six channels: a thumb - the channel of lungs, a forefinger - the channel of intestines, an average finger - the channel of a pericardium, an anonymous finger - the channel of the threefold heater, a little finger - the channel of heart; the palm back - the channel of a back. Proceeding from it, you can help the health, especially at heart troubles and cervical vertebras: Extend hands forward as though you keep in everyone on a glass. Keeping hands in this situation, begin to rotate both wrists inside. Make 150 times the movement inside, watch the feelings during rotation. Then make the same movement outside of 150 times. Repeat exercise every day. Soon you will lighten in cervical department and shoulders. If at you badly it turns out or absolutely rotation by hands - is impossible it means that you have heart troubles and with a chair.

it is Also possible to knock strongly on a point slightly above an internal bend of an elbow on each hand (on 150 times).

If is painful to you - it speaks about heart troubles too.

If at you was become numb by a back from long sitting, knock with the backs of palms one about another. It will give relief.

Standing is also available six meridians - 3 on external and 3 on inside.

Outer side: the average line - the canal of a gall bladder, a front part - the channel of a stomach, a back part - the channel of a bladder. Inside: the average line - the canal of a liver, a front part - the channel of a spleen, a back part - the channel of kidneys. To improve blood circulation in legs, sit down, having slightly raised legs, and begin to rotate anklebones of both legs at first to the left, then to the right (150 times in one party and 150 times in another).

is the best of all to do this exercise since morning before you got out of a bed. Here you will see

- you will feel more vigorously!

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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