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Why a farmer salmon - one of the most toxic products in the world

You learn to choose him correctly.

Fish was always considered as healthy food, but the industry research on cultivation of fishes conducted within the documentary "Filet-O-Fish" by Nicholas Daniel testifies to the return, Healthy Holistic Living writes.

Artificially grown up (so-called "aquacultural") fish, in particular, a salmon, is one of the products, most dangerous to consumption, today.

Fish farms position themselves as a solution of the problem of decrease in populations of fishes because of too intensive catch, however upon they create more problems, than solve.

Here in what a problem:

1. Farmer salmon - the most toxic fish.

Is surprising, but, according to the author of the movie, the bottom in many places at the coast of Norway is covered with a layer of garbage up to 15 m thick. This garbage - result of managing of fish farms where in the conditions of an aquaculture (in cages) the "Norwegian salmon" who is on sale worldwide is artificially grown up.

Garbage is full of the pesticides which are a part of a forage, and waste from drugs with which stuff the fish growing in close cages. On this forage, unnatural for fish, and in very close conditions various fish diseases, such as sea louses or an infectious virus of anemia at salmons actively develop. Diseases are transmitted among fishes weak and subject to a stress promptly.

is applied To fight against parasites and diseases a bigger amount of pesticides and antibiotics that makes fish toxic and dangerous to consumption.

2. Genetic mutations.

the Used pesticides not only destroy sea louses, but also influence DNA of fish, generating mutations - individuals of the mutating cod are shown in the movie as an example. Considering

that the aquacultural farm can not always be isolated for 100%, there is a threat of distribution of such mutations through the "running" females of the same cod creating posterity with healthy males of wild populations. The salmon also suffers from mutations though often not so noticeable to an eye, as in case of a cod.

3. Fish obesity.

of the Condition of keeping, food and use of pesticides and antibiotics leads to change of nutritious list of fish. Generally it concerns percent of content of fat in fabrics: fat content of a wild salmon is about 5-7%, in volume time as the fat content of an aquacultural salmon can fluctuate from 14,5% to 34%!

Danger of it that the majority of toxins (for example, many pesticides) zhirorastvorima also collect in fat therefore the aquacultural salmon will contain much more toxins, than wild.

4. Doubtful forage.

Often main source of toxins - dry briquettes of a fish forage, one of the main ingredients of which is an eel and also other fat fish caught in the Baltic Sea. The eel is popular as a forage thanks to the high content of proteins and fats, but in same also the danger is.

Around the Baltic Sea are located the industrial enterprises



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