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Who was an intermediary between Manafort and Yanukovych: Leshchenko has told details

Paul Manafort during the lobbist activity on the president-fugitive Victor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions had the reliable person in Ukraine. Konstantin Kilimnik who directed the Kiev office of the American political strategist from the 2005th to the 2015th year was him. Subsequently he worked in Yanukovych's administration where helped Manafort. the People's Deputy and the former journalist Sergey Leshchenko who in 2016 has published details of "the account black book" - the list of the confidential payments made by the pro-Russian Party of Regions to Manafort and other consultants in an interview of Foreign Policy has told

about the nature of cooperation of the American lobbyist and Kilimnik.

"I think that it was convenient to them with each other. Kilimnik wasn't either the brilliant expert, or someone special. He was very mediocre person. He has been so closely connected with Manafort's business what there is a question - why? Whether it was simply useful to Manafort or played other role? Kilimnik was some kind of intermediary between Manafort and the Ukrainian clients. There is also another interesting story that Manafort and Kilimnik tried to work in Kyrgyzstan. (...) There aren't a lot of rich people who would pay them for political consultations, but if they have been connected with any geopolitical questions in Kyrgyzstan, then there are new proofs that Manafort was not just a political strategist", - Leshchenko has assumed.

the Ukrainian people's deputy has also answered a question of at what stage in Ukraine there are anti-corruption investigations connected with Manafort now.

"Was a long story with blocking of these investigations because the President Petro Poroshenko tried to win sympathies of the president Trump. Investigating authorities have opened criminal proceedings, but then have blocked it, and only in May of this year have started investigation over again", - the politician has explained.

according to The New York Times, the team of the special prosecutor of the USA Robert Müller which is engaged in investigation concerning probable communications of the headquarters of Trump with Russia, has found out that the former Kiev office manager of Manafort Kilimnik Konstantin had contacts with the Russian intelligence. He also was under examination in Ukraine for charge of espionage, however, despite it in June, 2017 could leave the country freely.

Who such Paul Manafort?

American lawyer, lobbyist and political consultant. I was Victor Yanukovych's adviser and I held a post of the head of the campaign headquarters Donald Trump. Now is under examination of several federal agencies. Manafort is the central figure in investigation of rather possible illegal communications of the campaign headquarters of Trump with Russian government.



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