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Who has come on the Odessa port plant

The Odessa port plant at the end of September has to resume work on the tolling scheme. The contract for processing of natural gas in ammonia and a carbamide is signed with little-known "Liberti Gas". At a competition she has offered the best price for services OPZ.

the Plant has saved up billion debts to structures of the oligarch Dmitry Firtash and NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy therefore can't independently buy gas, make and sell production. On to be provided to the contract he provides to the customer only services in processing and earns for it the fixed reward.

On the one hand, in present conditions for OPZ is nearly the only way to stay afloat: to load capacities and to hold collective. For the first half of the year the plant has earned a quarter of one billion hryvnias. However with providers he isn't lucky. "The All-Ukrainian Power Company" which is connected with Igor Kononenko was the last.

Having received from Ukrtransgaz in April, 2018 the nomination on 13 million cubic meters of gas, the company has actually selected from system four times bigger volume, having directed him to processing. According to prosecutor's office, the damage of GTS operator was more than half a billion hryvnias.

of V UTG is accused Odessa port of uncontrollable consumption. The plant's management insists that selection has been stopped as soon as with such requirement the local gas-distributing operator "Odessagaz" has addressed. Now law enforcement authorities and the regulator understand a situation. But so far the government prepares for

privatization of the plant, on him the new provider has come. Gas workers without the reason In a competition for processing of gas to be provided on OPZ the Liberti Gas trader became the winner. He has suggested to pay the plant 32,5 dollars for ton of ammonia and 46 dollars for carbamide ton. The contract is already signed, the company has paid the most part of advance payment. she has no

of Own resource therefore the real supplier is still unknown. He will be known by Ukrtransgaz when the trader addresses for confirmation of the nomination. Another matter whether will give UTG the nomination for deliveries on Odessa port, despite history with the last provider. Perhaps therefore start of the plant is postponed for the end of September.

- "Liberti gas" in the market concern the new provider with scepticism. Like, similar to attempt of dexterous businessmen to earn from the tolling scheme.

"Have obviously bought up the company under a competition and we understand it, but they have the best documents and the offer so far. Also we understand risks and therefore have taken five days on signing", - the first deputy plant manager Nikolay Shchurikov before signing of the contract wrote.

the Company really looks quite suspiciously. According to the analytical Youcontrol system, "Liberti Gas" with the authorized capital of 200 thousand hryvnias owns the 43-year-old Kiev resident Natalia Dusheyko, in gas business not working earlier. She has headed the company only at the end of last year, before it having moved from the hostel of former "Golden eagle" to own apartment.

the Previous owner "Liberti gas" was Vitaly Delik.



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