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Which of Poroshenko's officials resigned prior to Zelensky's inauguration: names

On the eve of the inauguration of the newly elected president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky dozens of officials who worked together with Petro Poroshenko, declared the resignation. Among them - heads of RSA, ministers, officials of Presidential Administration and others.

So, a part of officials just declared that they resign, and someone the decree was dismissed by Poroshenko. However, clear one - they do not remain in the office of the newly elected president and will not work in Zelensky's team yet. Which of Poroshenko's officials resigns the Cabinet Still only minister who declared resignation even at Poroshenko's presidency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin is. He wrote the application on May 17, and after Vladimir Zelensky's inauguration is going to submit the document for consideration of Rada and the new president of Ukraine. Also the diplomat intends to stand in parliamentary elections for the Verkhovna Rada to become the people's deputy.

"At it (Zelensky, - the 24th channel) has to be the right for the foreign policy team. I am ready to help it where it will be necessary. And where our principles and visions coincide", - Klimkin added. we Will notice

, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, the president on the quota appoints. The regional state administrations the Head of the Lviv regional public administration Oleg Sinyutka said that he resigns on April 22 - right after results of presidential elections appeared. He explained the decision with a victory on Vladimir Zelensky's elections.

On the same day the application for resignation was written also by the head of the Nikolaev region Alexey Savchenko. He told that he has to leave together with Poroshenko and that has no political ambitions.

Gennady Moskal wrote the letter of resignation from a position of the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration at own will on April 23. At that time the official was on vacation.

the Head of the Ternopil regional public administration Stjepan Barn said that he will resign right after Zelensky's inauguration. He added that he will help with development of Ukraine, and opposed categorically arrival to policy of those people, "which destroyed Ukraine for the last years". we Will note

, after election of the new president in Ukraine all heads of RSA resign. Such is the law as the president has the right to appoint them to positions. The Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashenko is the vice speaker, authorized the president on peaceful settlement of a situation on Donbass and the representative of Ukraine in humanitarian subgroup. Declared that she intends to resign on May 16.

according to the official, it is ready to help the new president Zelensky with the questions connected with groups of negotiators in Minsk. Gerashenko emphasized that now it is important to provide tripartite reset of participants of the Minsk groups: both from Ukraine, and from Russia, and from OSCE. the president's Representative in parliament Irina Lutsenko officially declared

the resignation during the session of parliament 17



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