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Which of candidates for president speculates on a subject of the market of the earth?

Anyway, but in Ukraine the market of the earth is de facto created. And opening of the market of the earth will not lead to any mass purchase.

About it to the 24th channel was told by the head of the sector BRDO "agriculture" Andrey Zablotsky.

Despite the moratorium, the earth change, there is a hidden purchase. But opening of the market of the earth does not mean mass purchase or sale as all the same there is a certain supply and demand. Buyers need means, and sellers, considering our mentality, are hardly ready to leave the earth at once,

- Andrey Zablotsky notes.

What is the market of the earth and why there is a moratorium on sale? The moratorium on sale of land in Ukraine lasted 7 times. Last time - on December 20, 2018 the parliament prolonged the moratorium till 2020. It will paralyze the market to 96% of farmlands. Thanks to it Ukraine is a world record-holder on duration of a land reform - more than a quarter of the century.

Bill No. 9355-5 voted by Rada except extension of the moratorium, charged to the Cabinet to develop and submit till March of the next year for consideration of parliament the bill "About Land Turnover of Agricultural Purpose". But a considerable part of politicians who spoke pro extension of the moratorium just and sounded in parliament the main horror stories myths about the market of the earth and as it has to influence Ukrainians.

As is noted by the expert, cautions of certain candidates for president as Yulia Tymoshenko, Yuriy Boyko and Oleh Lyashko that it is impossible to open the market and it will lead to the fact that Ukraine will become a raw appendage, are exaggerated.

Should not dramatize so that the earth will turn into a raw appendage if the moratorium is repealed. The market of the earth has to be started under certain conditions which would give an impetus in the normal civilized relations. Has to earn the law on consolidation of lands, inheritance on the earth, about territorial communities, then it will be accurately clear that there are bases for introduction of the market of the earth. Generally there are about 20 factors which have to be considered in the law on the market of lands that to form it,

- the agroexpert emphasizes.

As is noted by Zablotsky, the question of buying up of lands by foreigners depends on how finance companies well feel, what development models at them.

"Foreigners use the right of rent. And this contract can be dissolved under certain circumstances. In particular, in court. And they can buy the right of rent, but not the earth", - Andrey Zablotsky notes. at the same time Yulia Tymoshenko's proposal on introduction of the single tax on earth hectare Andrey Zablotsky considers

such that he is not correlated by the moratorium on sale of land. According to him, it will not too strongly change a situation concerning the market of the earth, it is necessary to watch concrete calculations. It is possible to initiate something, but very few people give the analysis of what it will have consequences. There are many questions to the system of taxation.

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