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Whether you know what to do if your child has just disappeared?

Whether you know what to do if your child has just disappeared?
You have to act quickly. to

This story in the blog Oliver's Outings was told by the relative of family of Daues, and she won't leave you indifferent:

"Even a theoretical talk on loss of the child cause in me a shiver! I would never like to speak about it, but a few years ago this gone child was my nephew!

Ya could tell that "fortunately", it managed to be found, but actually it was not good luck, but very fast actions of the army cadets participating in this action. Each parent has to know what they did that they could make the same if it is necessary.

Here that happened...

At that time to Jake was only 4 years old, and, as well as all other children, he knew that it is impossible to talk to strangers or to leave parents. What has gone not so?

All family was on the beach in Bournemouth. Lyusinda (his mother) held him by a hand, and Jake is the timid boy who would never depart about her far. On the beach it was crowded.

They for a minute have stopped, and she has released his hand that to lift something, it has occupied all a couple of minutes. When she has looked back again to take him by hand, him already was! Trying to calm down and inspire in itself that he won't leave far, Lucie has begun to look around and call him by name. But the boy wasn't visible anywhere!

By passed курсан, he has heard Lucie's shouts and at once has asked that he happened and whom she looks for. Having learned

, it and his friends cadets, without wasting time, began to shout at all beach - "We look for the boy!!!" "4 years, blonde, red undershirt. Did you see it?" They repeated it loudly and constantly, and in the same time examined vicinities. And though it seems obvious, but fast terms and the description of the child which sounded on all beach, has saved him! they have found

In 15 minutes it a little further on the beach.... He has just got lost, you will think? Unfortunately no.

the Thief has just taken away the child by a hand.

of the Detail which were told by Jake have forced blood of parents to freeze to grow cold... The bald man in a white undershirt has told that he will take me to see the real rocket ship". Jake isn't inclined to lies therefore all have believed him.

Yes, here such people walk the street, and they can steal your child. And you can never find him!

the Loud description of Jake on all beach, meant that the guy couldn't leave the beach together with him, without being noticed therefore he just left Jake and has left. insistently I advise

Ya to each parent to do it immediately even if you suspect that the child just round the corner, and you think that he won't get to anywhere. It doesn't cost that risk.

the Police considers that it was unplanned stealing, he needed to pass across all beach before he could reach the road therefore it was risky. He has seen Jake and has used the chance.

Ya I hope that none of you will never be in this situation, but if you have lost the child, then just you shout - громк



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