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Whether will dismiss Surkis Khatskevich after a departure of Dynamo from the Champions League - the main reasons

Newcomers of Dynamo yet bring not nothing at all. Sidklya and Bueno only debuted for the main team and don't even enter the application for key matches, Che Che in any way will enter in a basis. Brazilians are suitable for a high-speed game in the attack, and the Kiev team does everything too slowly. Matches with Ajax have shown it. The difference at the rate of the attacks was so huge as though as a part of Dynamo the national team of veterans, which for 50 has played. Or we have returned to times of matches of Kiev residents against Hoverla, only now they have appeared on the place of the Uzhhorod team.

Is feeling that Victor Vatsko not for nothing accented on that, how close transfer manager Evgeny Krasnikov worked with the head coach in the Metalworker Miron Markevich. Like, this Latin American market expert has not a so close connection with Khatskevich, and it can be a problem for all parties. Also not for the first time there are serious doubts whether the Belarusian trainer is capable to play that "romantic" soccer which will be able to reveal the Brazilian legionaries in the best light.

the Team loses points with such teams as Chornomorets again. Applicants for the champion's title shouldn't pay attention to a lawn and an exit of reserve structure. Khatskevich's team suffers much more, than plays. The same Shakhtar creates the moments and goals much more and easier. To present the person who relishes from a current game of Kiev residents, much more difficultly. Well, such is, but they in overwhelming minority. Sometimes Kiev is just transformed to team, sound, but mediocre to the European measures, like Alexandria. And budgets of both clubs aren't comparable.

of Dynamo counts only on one strategy now - if it is possible to don't pass, we will precisely hammer one goal: thanks to Verbich and Tsygankov's individual class, we will force the rival to be mistaken under high pressure, it is banal we will jostle. To imagine comeback in the current season it is simply unreal. Even in the past it wasn't so hopeless. Here not that to win back 2 balls brought from Amsterdam, here and to hammer one - just unreal task!

the Departure in qualification from Young Boys could be written off on нефарт, but also to compensate only by a victory either in the championship, or in qualification of the next season. For Igor Surkis now 30 million euros are scarcer than hen's teeth. The failure in the new Champions League provokes a peculiar vicious circle and... chance for Khatskevich: there is no money for LCh, there are no funds for the forward's transfer, there is no finance on the new trainer. It is possible, of course, again to try to potasovat trainers with Dinamo soul, but whether from it it will become better?

Trust of youth. Once Valery Gazzayev has given chance for such players as Andrey Yarmolenko. Not because he so loved youth and risk. But because means was as next to nothing. Khatskevich has admitted to Tsygankov, Shaparenko, Shepelev and Rusin's basis. These are not so dull players. They showed it not only in UPL, but also in the Europa League. However besides growth by means of the trainer's ideas isn't visible.




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