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Whether it is worth buying iPhone X now

Very soon Apple will present to the public three new iPhone models. If you plan to update the smartphone in the nearest future, then for certain before you there was a difficult choice - to buy iPhone X here and now, or to wait one of novelties and to buy already it. Let's understand that it will be most favorable to the consumer. there is no

Actually, definite answer to this question. Let's consider all scenarios.

of the Reason to take iPhone X right now: The price tag on this model has considerably decreased from the moment of release. On Yandex.Market it is possible to find the version on 64 GB for 63.000-65.000 rubles. This smartphone will be relevant at least several years. Very impressive has reserved capacities. Even later so many time, top Android leaders aren't capable to contend with a productivity of the A11 Apple processor. At novelties it will be absolute the same design, as at iPhone X. The effect of novelty won't be lost after display of new smartphones. The reasons to wait and acquire one of the iPhone (2018) models: It is obvious that the new range iPhone will present to the consumer a bigger scope at the choice of the device. Three devices are expected, each of which will take the place in a niche. The "budgetary" iPhone will be suitable for those who need the IPS screen instead of OLED. If the big display is necessary - will help out iPhone X Plus. There are prerequisites to the fact that Face ID of the second generation will be presented that will undoubtedly improve face recognition process. In novelties debuts the A12 Apple processor with the improved energy consumption and productivity. Certainly, the camera of devices will also be modified to the best. However a disputed issue is the price - in spite of the fact that the official cost of new models will be lower, it is quite probable that for the Russian user cost will almost not change. To all fault the high euro exchange rate at which Apple establishes the prices of the devices in the Russian Federation. Let's count together:

Euro exchange rate for September 12 2017 - 68,64. The cost of iPhone is X - € rubles 999 - 68 571. Including VAT 18% the recommended price of 79990 rubles has been established.

Euro exchange rate at the time of writing of article, on August 23, 2018 - <79,>
"Available" iPhone - € rubles 699 - 55221. Including VAT 18% - can be expected cost around 65-67 thousand.

of iPhone X (2018) - € rubles 899 - 71021. Including VAT the price will increase up to 83-85 thousand.

of iPhone X Plus - €999 - €1099-78921 - 86821 rubles. Including VAT the cost of this model can step over a mark of 100 thousand and more. whether

A you are ready to get novelties at such prices? Let know in comments.



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