Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Hi-Tech

WhatsApp will force to pay for messages

Users of WhatsApp will pay for advertizing and service messages. It is reported in the blog of the WhatsApp company.

Emergence of paid function has been announced last year. "Services of sending some messages will be paid for the companies, thus, they will be selective in what messages to send, and in your chats there will be no disorder", - it is told in the message. The company notes that, despite innovations, usual messages of users are still protected by through enciphering and any firm can be blocked "one pressing".

Earlier popular messenger of WhatsApp which owner at the moment is Facebook will be paid for business accounts for communication with clients.

to the Companies will need to choose carefully interlocutors as some messages will become paid. However early to be upset - for ordinary users all as well as was, and will be free. "Today we expand with

our support of business which needs advanced tools for communication with clients", - have reported to WhatsApp in the blog. In other words, the messenger will simplify communication with clients from business accounts, but will demand for it an additional fee.

Also developers have told that it was made as since they have started the WhatsApp Business application, people said that much quicker to write them the companies in a chat, than to call or send e-mail.




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