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What zodiac signs until the end of the 2018th can destroy the relations

They can't change: these are shortcomings of all zodiac signs which destroy the love relations.

Or should accept them such what they are, or to break off with them the relations and to find someone another.

Some characteristics of each zodiac sign can force you to want to escape, without looking back. What sign will go crazy if you leave a dirty cup in a sink and who will begin to flirt with all your friends? Learn below.

their differences of mood are tiresome for people around. Crayfish are inclined to insults, but aren't inclined to take the responsibility for consequences of told. They are persuasive and dependent


Life with Cancer can be quite boring and monotonous.

With your Lev Vy you will never feel too big safety in the relations as they tend to flirt with anyone and at any time.

He will never fall in love with you more, than the reflection in a mirror. Any Lev never recognizes that he was wrong. Their arrogance is unpleasant.

They have to be the focus of attention therefore you will always be Vy a little in a shadow with him.

of the Maiden
They tend to discuss all and all and to criticize excessively.

Life with the Maiden means that Vy have to take the first step always. If you accidentally leave to

by Vy a dirty cup in a sink, they won't allow you to forget about this offense even in several months after "incident". Scales
of Vy never you learn

that they actually think because Scales will tell you only that, according to them, you want to hear Vy.

At adoption of the "weighed" decisions is required to them several hours. They lack will power. They are vain and obsessed with physical beauty.

At any time they can return to you without prevention even if them you don't wait for Vy any more.

the Scorpion
Jealousy of the Scorpion is known to all. never you learn

of Vy that they actually feel because they tend to manipulate as the, and your emotions. They are ready to leave to

you and to hurt you as nobody else. They are very deceptive and mysterious. They are capable to turn a small quarrel into the great drama.

the Sagittarius
Sagittariuses aren't able to listen to other people.

They know everything, don't try to teach them to something new.

They want to dominate and are inclined to control. They are often tolerant to emotions of other people.

As until the end of 2018 Zodiac signs can destroy the relations
Love and the end of the relations
the Capricorn
by their priority work is, and they will directly explain you it and will specify your place.

Everything that they do, they do only for themselves and won't take care of your feelings. They are conservative

therefore the relations with them are quite boring. They as if have locked themselves in the walls!

Aquarius are often busy with some thoughts therefore they sometimes seem absent.

They always know everything best of all, and otno



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