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What will be now with not imparted children: parents panic because of inoculations

The other day the Ministry of health protection and Ministry of Education have again drawn the attention of local authorities to the law on which children without inoculations can't attend schools and kindergartens. In the missive of department have explained that the last five years in the country "an intense epidemsituation" (for example, this year the coverage vaccination in the Rivnensky region was only 25%), and therefore have asked to take the organization of obligatory vaccination under control. Informs the website "Today" on it. we Will remind

, up to 6 years children have to receive about seven ten diseases inoculations. Three more inoculations are repeated in 6 years. At the same time not vaccinated child is forbidden to go to lessons. The exception can be made if the pupil is completely healthy, and the epidemsituation in the country is normal. And still that to whom inoculations, but in the presence of the corresponding reference are contraindicated. However to allow or not such child to occupations, the medical board from actually pediatrician and the chief physician of medical institution will solve.

the Letter of officials has already caused an indignation wave among parents who for various reasons don't want to do inoculations to the children.

"At school have said that the son can't go to lessons. Refer to lack of inoculations at it", - many parental forums dazzle with similar messages. Opponents of vaccination have expressed to

also opinion that the ban on visit of lessons violates constitutional right on education. But as it has become clear, it not so.

"According to the third article of the Constitution, not education, and "life and health of the person - the highest value". The child without inoculations can be dangerous to others and itself risks to catch in collective. The ban the state protects both society, and the child", - the lawyer Oleg Yudin has told and has added that though and all have a right for education, but it is implemented according to a certain procedure: providing the same certificate of inoculations.

Other parents not against inoculations, but have prejudice against certain vaccines: "We want to conduct

in a garden, agree to the British inoculations - but they aren't in the city, only the Indian. We are afraid of them, from them children temperaturit for weeks. Respectively, don't let in a garden".

Experts calm alarmists.

"Both those, and others for us buys UNICEF - there very strict quality standards, safety and efficiency of medicines. Though the Indian and European vaccines differ on structure and impact on an organism, but equally meet all standards", - the expert
of Public council at MOZ Evgeny Gonchar has told us. At the same time, according to MZ, there are enough vaccines for inoculations "according to the calendar" in the country - they for all kids are free.



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