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What we know about new iPad Pro Apple tablets

iPad, perhaps, isn't the same popular product as iPhone, but the tablet still is an important product of Apple. Important - and long ago not updated. The freshest at the moment versions of flagman iPad Pro have been submitted in June, 2017. The budgetary version of basic iPad has appeared this spring, but it more likely backs-off, a branch from the general line of development. Generally, it is a high time to show something brand new.

By hearsay, release of new iPad is planned for this fall. But, most likely, their presentation will take place not in one day with the presentation of iPhone which is already appointed to September 12. You shouldn't forget that, as a rule, the company holds one more presentation in October. On her it is worth waiting for emergence of new tablets. Here what we know about them at the moment. At the moment the company sells to

the basic iPad and two iPad Pro versions differing in the screen size. The first version - 10,5-inch iPad Pro. It is expected that in this version of Apple will try to increase the display sizes, without mentioning the general dimensions of the device. It will lead to emergence of new 11-inch iPad Pro which the physical sizes won't exceed the current 10,5-inch.

Second the iPad Pro version existing at the moment has the screen with the diagonal of 12,9 inches. It - and so quite big size therefore Apple won't begin to change it. In this case the company, on the contrary, will try to reduce as much as possible the tablet case sizes due to reduction of a framework around the display.

the Question of that, how strongly a framework will decrease in a size while remains open. The artist Martin Hayek has presented a concept of how the iPad X tablet created just like iPhone X could look. But, to tell the truth, this concept will be hardly realized. There is no sense to do the tablet so frameless, will inconveniently hold him in hand.

Therefore probably a small framework around the display of the bigger iPad version will remain. It will allow without any cuts on the display to place the front-facing camera and a set of sensors which have been presented to iPhone X on the tablet. The fact that the system of face recognition Face ID will remove on the following version of the flagman tablet of Apple at anybody doesn't raise doubts. the Current version of 10,5-inch iPad Pro costs to

$649, and 12,9-inch - $799. Possibly, the updated versions of tablets will have approximately the same price. According to data of the Bloomberg agency, updates for basic cheap iPad or small iPad Mini aren't expected yet. Also don't forget

that on the way Apple Watch Series 4. We told about the future new version of hours in this article. On materials:



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