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What violations were revealed by an auditsluzhba in the museums of Dnieper

On the website of the Public auditor service of Ukraine the report on implementation of the KPKVK 1014040 budgetary program "Museums and exhibitions" where audit of activity of the museums of Dnieper, including the Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum of a name of Dm has been booked has been published. Yavornitsky and Art museum. About whether we overpay for tickets, whether exhibits we see everything in the museum and why buildings gradually collapse - read in Money. Informant. Money allocate more, but all the same it isn't enough According to data of state audit, the quantity of the funds allocated for the museums of Dnieper grows every year. With 11,4 million UAH in 2014 - to 26,5 million UAH in 2017. Auditors connect it both with increase in minimum wage, and with increase in number of institutions. In particular, in 2015 the metallurgical state museum of Ukraine has been transferred to contents of the regional budget "(It is located in DNU territory of O. Gonchar).

But it is all the same not enough. The management of culture for 2014-2017 has approved the general fund in 74,6 million UAH, the budget of development for the sum of 19,3 million UAH and own funds for the sum of 9,5 million UAH. Actually these indicators have been executed only partially: the general fund - for 95% (70,7 million UAH), the budget of development - for 75% (14,4 million UAH) and own funds for 81% (7,7 million UAH). As a result the museums of the city have received less 3,1 million UAH

the Main article of all expenses of the budgetary program salary - more than 62% which provides payment of 225,75 rates is (for 2017).

goes Further protection - 13%, payment of utilities of-9% and fee, except municipal - 8%. 13,5% of the budget are on average allocated every year for carrying out repairs of institutions.

of Everything, according to data of audit, means make 92,4% of all budgets of the museums of the regional budget. The number of the sold tickets decreases Own receipts, according to conclusions of auditors, slightly and has made 7,7 million UAH or 8,6% of the budget of the program from 2014 for 2017. 60,9% or 5,3 million UAH have made of them "granting to natural and natural persons historical research opinions and conclusions". Cultural institutions have received only 2,3 million UAH or 26,5% of income for implementation of tickets. The third main item of income - the rent - 794 thousand UAH or 9%.

the Separate moment is entrance fee in the museum. From 2014 to 2017 its cost has increased from 9,50 to 12 UAH. At the same time prime cost of the ticket - 130 UAH, that is more than in 10 times more from its actual cost.

Other feature: at increase in number of visitors the number of the sold tickets decreases. If in 2014 the museums were visited by 221,6 thousand people, then by 2017 their number has reached 345,9 thousand. At the same time since 2016 recession of sale of tickets is observed. In 2015 90 thousand tickets, and in 2016 already 67,3 thousand, and last year - only 56 thousand have been realized. The number of visitors who have free of charge used services of the museum I have grown up from 139,1 thousand in 2014 to 289,



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