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What to do if your smartphone isn't charged

Today smartphones became so important companions of the person that any their malfunctions begin to be perceived as a disease of the close friend. Statistically, one of the most frequent symptoms which the user - problems with charging faces. However, very much often such symptom isn't the certificate of a serious problem. If you have noticed that your smartphone has ceased to be charged, don't panic. There are several advice which will help you to correct a situation.

Manual repair of
USB port
If to use the smartphone while he is loaded, sooner or later USB port can simply become loose. The contact will become unstable. It will lead to the fact that the smartphone will be unstably charged. In one provision of a cable everything is all right, but once you shift a gadget on centimeter aside, the contact is lost.

If you see that the gadget isn't loaded, first of all try to move accurately the socket in a nest. If, really, the problem with contacts of the socket takes place, in a certain position the smartphone can begin to show signs of charging.

to return to the socket working capacity, the smartphone it is necessary to switch off. The battery if it removable, is better to take out. Contacts of the socket can try to be returned into place, having accurately returned the platform with contacts to a starting position. For this purpose it is necessary to push the tip of a toothpick between the platform with contacts and the external case of the socket from narrower party. I will repeat, it is necessary to do it very accurately. But, as a rule, it solves a problem of the stirred-up socket.

Removal of dust from a nest
One more possible reason of bad contact - the nest hammered with dust. For removal of dust and pile, besides, accurately use a toothpick.

Replacement of the
Sometimes a problem is not in the socket, and in the cable. And the high cost of a cable not always guarantees his high quality. For example, native cables of Apple are incredibly fragile and often break in places of bends. Try to use other compatible cable or borrow from somebody the compatible charger.

Power supply
has ceased to be loaded my smartphone One morning. I have cleaned the socket, have connected a spare cable, have rebooted a gadget - nothing helped. And only then I have noticed that in the house simply there is no light.

the Situation is comical, but is instructive. Before expostulating on a cable or the charger, check whether your socket works, and whether densely in her charging sits. Especially it is relevant if you use the import charger with the adapter under domestic sockets. The Chinese adapters - not the most reliable thing. They break at least weak cables.

If you doubt operability of the charger, and to check or will replace him there is nothing, a poprouyta to connect the smartphone to the computer. The USB port of the computer gives less energy, than the charger. Therefore personal computer charger will longer last. But she with guarantee won't do much harm to your gadget and will allow pr



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