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What the SSU looked for and that has found in offices of OKKO gas Station

By the SSU searches at offices of large network OKKO gas Station have carried out. Security officers have beaten out a door, have cut off power office and have withdrawn the equipment together with documents.

have explained the actions with the fact that the company is suspected of terrorism financing.

of Jacoba the company continues to function in the territories which are temporarily occupied by Russia. Representatives of the company completely deny such cooperation.

the SSU has already posted the official statement of the actions On the website. There have noted, have the evidence that the company works in the Crimea occupied by Russia and uncontrollable districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

to clear a situation, representatives of the company have organized a press conference. The president of Galnaftogaz Concern" which possesses the OKKO company Vitaly Antonov completely denies such cooperation. "Since 2014 our company doesn't work at temporarily occupied territories and any contacts, for example, with such structures as the DPR and LPR has no", - the president of Galnaftogaz concern Vitaly Antonov has commented.

Also representatives of the company don't know that now happens to OKKO stations in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russia. Only know that 2 stations from 25 have been blown up by terrorists. And here the fate of 11 stations in the occupied Crimea is better known.

In the Republic of Crimea our gas stations are now used by labor collective of these gas stations which worked more than 10 years in the companies for us. They continue to work there, but without our brand, that is rent. For this money which they earn there they feed the families - same our Ukrainians,

- Antonov has said.

However this information isn't new, knew about such cooperation in 2017. The expert in power Andrey Gerus considers that this usual pressure upon business. "Or someone wants to buy

assets and thus, by means of problems there, declines the company to the decision on sale. Or some competitors use security officers to create problems to the competitors. Or it just desire to milk business, it, unfortunately, in Ukraine also is", - Gerus has told.

the Strategic partner of the company of Galnaftogaz, "European Bank for Reconstruction and Development", has negatively reacted to actions from the SSU. The head of department of the EBRD Francis Malizh has noted that such raids cause damage to reputation of Ukraine and threaten all her efforts on attracting investors.

We completely divide that activity and philosophy which is propagandized by the company. We support her. Those charges which have been sounded to the company have the right to attention, however we urge to understand structurally these charges and if under them something nevertheless is, we will understand already court. First of all it has to occur in the civilized way, but not such as we saw yesterday, - I have noted >
of representatives of the company Now haven't detained, investigative actions continue.



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