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What number you were born - such you are waited also by destiny!

Practical numerology.

of People is born in a certain day not just like that. Every day has the number, and at each number - the vibration which gives him a set of qualities.

the Numerology claims that these qualities in many respects predetermine all course of life of the person... Find

the number of the birth and be verified:

the People born the 1st - highly creative and inventive natures. They firmly trust in the views and have huge power of persuasion. They don't like restrictions and uninvited councils and also any interventions in their affairs therefore they prefer to work alone, irrespective of others. by

B them dictatorial manners can be shown. These people have enormous determination and will power, however sometimes can be stubborn and capricious. The main emotion - excessive ambitions, they can direct all the mental capacities to their implementation.

the People born the 2nd are womanly, gentle, romantic. Clever, creative people, they have art abilities, rich vivid imagination. Their force is rather in mind, than in feelings, and they look for rather spiritual, than physical satisfaction.

These dreamers are soft and indulgent at heart, sometimes they lack force and aggressiveness for advance on an office ladder. They look for spiritual community with partners because they can't be in physical proximity without spiritual bond. Marriage is successful if it is constructed on a spiritual basis, otherwise they are depressed.

the People who were born this number are ambitious and aggressive. They always seek to rise over people around, never agree with the subordinated situation. Love the power, put into practice the ideas with an enormous force and energy, don't stand any doubts and obstacles from the plans surrounding at realization.

Being disciplined, they demand the same also from others therefore they leave conscientious commanders. They are resistant and don't give in without a fight, won't spend all forces yet. Have big physical force and endurance. These people usually do to

outstanding academic career. They have a good observation and susceptibility to study. They are extremely effective workers, though without excess diligence: do any work methodically, without throwings. They aren't quick-tempered

, seldom quarrel. They are prodigal: money also quickly leaves from them, as well as comes. Hardly fall in love, but if have fallen in love, then for the rest of life.

the People who were born this day are mercantile: acquisition and possession of money and affairs make a main objective of their life. They are dexterous, have enormous business abilities, for a short time collect large sums. They are clever and inventive.

Because of love to money and impatience in their acquisition time can break the law. It is easy to get on with them: these are born diplomats. They quickly recover from the most hard blows of destiny. Their best qualities - mind, dexterity, a step, determination, быстрод



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