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What needs to be eaten at a sedentary life

To people who spend in a sitting position much time doctors strongly recommend to include certain products in a food allowance. What - the Medicine 2.0" writes ". with

In particular, at a sedentary life it is necessary to eat berries, experts consider. The low-mobility contributes to the development of inflammatory processes in an organism because of sluggish blood supply and insufficient in this regard food of fabrics. Many berries contain a large number flavonidov-antioxidants of substances, effectively fight against the inflammatory phenomena.

are Also very useful nuts: in a daily diet surely has to be a handful of any nuts. This product the omega-3 in combination with the high level of cellulose contains useful fatty acids - it the mix possesses the expressed anti-inflammatory action on intestines which especially strongly suffer from long sitting.

besides, is useful to owners of sedentary work olive oil. According to experts, olive oil is proved reduces risks of development of diseases of a cardiovascular system and also stimulates fatty metabolism and helps not to gain excess weight.

Besides, at an inactive way of life or works are recommended ginger and garlic. Ginger differs in the increased level of antioxidants which help from inflammations, and garlic - substances of an allitsin under the influence of which the organism controls the content of fats and sugar in blood better.

Other useful products are a pineapple and avocado. Components of pineapple do well a metabolism, stimulate an organism more actively to use own fat for power generation. Avocado promotes production of insulin, protecting from increase in sugar in blood and the unpleasant consequences connected with it. It is useful for

to eat that who spends on a chair much time, fat sea fish - in it there are no transfats, dangerous to an organism, but it is a lot of useful fat necessary for an organism for active physiological functions.



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