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What music inspires pilots of MotoGP: We Will Rock You!

You, probably, already heard repeatedly: the old school in MotoGP has consigned to the past, now racers listen to anything strange музло to be loaded with energy before races - any to you AC/DC, no... What do they listen to what gives them forces and helps to concentrate before start? there Is no

, bloody anything similar. We will surely shake you!

Music is capable to set the necessary rhythm, vibrations and speed, to create the necessary chemistry without any "chemistry". By means of music it is possible to operate a warm rhythm - to accelerate or be slowed down, to maintain concentration or opposite, to go completely to an astral and "to think without a thought".

of Jorge Lorenzo, obvious representative of generation of the 90th, strong personality (in every sense). What does every time on a starting lattice sound in his isolating Beats? Do you think, some techno крэп? No! Be surprised, but Lorenzo is loaded with energy of Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Pepperes and Oasis. From Pepper in favourites at him an album Californication.

Jack Miller is the representative of new generation of young fighters, hot and sharp in everything, a straight line as the bayonet and behind a word won't get into a pocket. Australian, generally. A rock'n'roll at him in blood! How the Australian without rock'n'roll? What does JackAss before races couple? It is easy to guess: - AC/DC! But often in his head plays Motorhead, in particular an album Ace of Spades - this explosive mix.

Tito Rabat is loaded with the same AC/DC.

Bradli Smith the adherent of the British music therefore in boxing at him none other than often sound Robbie Williams. But once you come to a lattice, and the power changes on T.I - Live Your Life. Other format the Direct opposite of Lorenzo - Alvaro Baustista from Angel Nieto Team, which... essentially listens to nothing: "I prefer to absorb the atmosphere of a starting lattice - all these sounds of work of mechanics, noise of fans, a talk of guests..." - he says. Music isn't necessary. Alvaro doesn't try to retire into oneself before a race. It is possible for this reason he sometimes manages to combine outstanding starts with a game in size [it was the sad joke if that].

Zhoan Zarko, the pupil of the former paratrooper and the athlete Laurent Feillon has received good school of self-checking. But whether you know that the Frenchman has graduated from music school and he has a diploma of the pianist?. News to you? Here so! Zhoan prefers world classics - Paul McCartney and Elton John, and, often tool versions of the known hits, they adjust him - or as he has said, "structure thoughts in the head".

the Pilot who has replaced Miller in Marc VDS Racing this year, the recruit of MotoGP - Franco Morbidelli prefers to calm down before a race, than than to force. In Morbidelli's veins hot mix of the Italian and Brazilian blood flows, this is a true angel / demon in one body. But we know his positive side. Before Franco's races relaxes. His favourite - Bob Marley, but also in a garage of the Italian whose destiny is in many respects crossed with Zarko's fate - Farrell Williams and Daft Punk. Last year Franco also said that



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