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What motorcycles were released by AVTOVAZ

The engine - heart of any vehicle and the motorcycle in this sense not an exception. Very few people know, but at the end of the last century AVTOVAZ quite could begin serial release of motors for bikes with a design revolutionary for those times.

the First working sample of the rotor and piston engine (RPE) in the USSR - RD-250 - was created in 1961. Three years later, in 1964, development of RPD for installation on the motorcycle began. But already the first road tests gave up as a bad job this invention. The big consumption of gasoline, Gers of oil, a low resource and bad maintainability did not give chance of RPD to take the place of ordinary piston engines. The Soviet citizen needed the reliable car, but not a bike which otjezdit only 100 engine hours.

But intelligence agency of the USSR paid attention to the powerful motor at once. RPD also became interested in the Garage of Special Function (GSF). To escort service RUTTING on the status the most modern transport, to be exact, the motorcycle was put.

Eventually was born an experimental sample escort (for maintenance of trains of official delegations and patrol service) the motorcycle with the rotor and piston engine. The Izhevsk motorcycle plant received the state order which assumed start of model in mass production.

However, thanks to whims of the Soviet economic system, the first motorcycle with RPD was made on AVTOVAZ in 1980.

the Prototype of an escort bike with the rotor engine was created on the basis of the IZh motorcycle on which also other engines (the experimental V-shaped motor of own design of Izhmash and RPD of development of the All-Russian Research Institute of Motoprom) were installed.

Unfortunately, about these cars not enough information was saved. And with arrival of "reorganization" the motor-equipment subject with the rotor motor in general died.

of IZh 8.201 from a meeting "Motomira of Vyacheslav Sheyanov" - one of these unique prototypes. The motorcycle is equipped with the two-section rotor and piston engine with the aluminum case, with a total amount of 736 cm? and 87 hp. According to the passport the engine "turned" up to 6000 rpm, and special versions of the motor maintained also 9000 rpm.

Frankly speaking, to disperse it to "maksimalka" in 200 km/h, we did not decide as the car lacks standard drum brakes already at speeds over 100 km/h. And the rotor engine of a bike, in an amicable way, demands capital repairs.

we Thank for the provided text and photos the museum of the motorcycles "Motomir of Vyacheslav Sheyanov" (



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