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What is this Leipzig and as with it to butt Zareh is told about the first match of the playoffs of qualification of the Europa League by the Dawn - RB Leipzig.

the Ukrainian football selebret have dug the Dawn prior to matches with Portuguese Braga. Like, Yury Verniduba's team has no chances and all here. However Lugansk residents as if the baron Myunkhauzen, have pulled out themselves for hair from this bog of sceptics in a round of the playoffs of qualification of the Europa League. And here Eurocup fall already behind the following door, however on a threshold "Bulls" - RB Leipzig.

Obviously, Ralf Rangnik's team - the favourite of two-masted opposition from the Dawn. Well and let. It from RB Leipzig wait for nothing else, except as victories. The dawn has got used to be in a skin of the underdog, in her it is easier and more pleasant to bite large teams. To be gone in personnel selection between clubs huge. Look at least at the cost of structures - 317 million euros against only 13 million. However and Braga was more expensive than the Dawn by 10 times and where they now?

Ralf Rangnik
Despite, we will softly tell, Ralf Rangnik has a financial wellbeing of Leipzig insignificant, however problems with structure. The club in summer off-season has sold to Liverpool Nabi Keitha. The sum large - 53 million euros. In a midfield on start of the current season more than qualified performers - to Diego Demma and Stefan Ilzanker play. However none of them can fully replace Keith.

two More last year's team leaders - Emil Forsberg and Timo Verner had no training with Leipzig because of participation in the World Cup. And if Forsberg has already got on well at this season both to assitirovat to partners and to hammer itself, then here Verner was included in the application of team for a match only once, but in the field hasn't appeared.

Ralf Rangnik before a match has said that Verner will depart to Ukraine and will prepare for a match on an equal basis with all. We will look whether there will be a forward in the field of >
Timo Verner
One more plus for Lugansk residents there has to be a fact that the championship of Germany starts only during the future week-end. So, Leipzig has managed to play one match on the Cup of Germany and to pass two rounds of qualification of LE. For certain, physical conditions of wards of Rangnik still leave much to be desired.

of RB Leipzig adheres somewhere, maybe, to the old school tactical scheme - 4-4-2. The team places emphasis on the flank attacks. The benefit is quite good "krayka" - at the left the same Emil Forsberg who is substituted by Broom's Portuguese, can leave or forever young and perspective 27-year-old Kevin Kampl, or 24-year-old Marcel Zabittser on the right. The last was injured the Slovene had to play in a cup match and with the Dawn. But Kampl also remained in Germany. Kevin is disturbed by a muscular trauma. Here it is interesting who will be chosen by Rangnik as vinger.

Kampl's Absence can affect workmanship of standard provisions of Leipzig which conceal in themselves serious threat. And still Zareh should violate as little as possible rules on the half of the field. Whether it will turn out? The matter is that the Dawn - the leader in UPL in fouls on the half of the field, if to belief



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