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What is more harmful: boiled, smoked or blood sausage

For a long time it is told about harmful properties of sausage, and it isn't dependent on her look. We don't argue - it is much more harmful, than usual meat. But we have decided to understand to what of it is visible sausages more harmfully - smoked, boiled, liverny or blood? At once we want to warn that the speech in this material will go only about sausage which is made industrially.

Probably, the most naive belief of buyers is the fact that they think as if sausage contains only meat. Skilled consumers know that it not so. We hurry to disappoint all - sausage is one of the most chemical products in the world. Differently as she could be stored nearly on half a year in an unopened look?

Boiled sausage
Structure of boiled sausage, unfortunately, is far from what we would like to see there. Though even in the worst sausage on quality producers are forced to put meat. Than the high price, quality and is more known a brand, high probability to buy those the most qualitative, so, not such harmful product. However there are also holes in preparation of boiled sausage.

receive Boiled sausage after boiling down of mincemeat. To make prime cost of lower, forcemeat is cooked with addition of different animal products - sinews, ligaments, skin. When they turn into uniform weight, you won't see any taste and color of natural meat. However it is impossible to distinguish such product from natural as it everything is meat products. It should be noted one plus - fats in production of boiled sausage use the presents as they can't be replaced with anything at all.

Is one more harmful component which nobody wants to see - soy and сейтан. The first doesn't contain proteins necessary to an organism in what harmful properties of sausage are shown. Soy has no taste, a smell and color therefore add many seasonings that boiled sausage has played bright paints to the final product. Also add water to boiled sausage at the expense of what she becomes soft. However, it does it to one of the most perishable types of sausages.

is A lot of synthetic additives in boiled sausage - salt solutions, gelatin, amplifiers of taste (инозинат E631 sodium, глютамат E621 sodium and others), additives for improvement of taste (E250 - one of the most powerful carcinogens) and additives for prevention of development of pathogenic bacteria. The last are the real poisons which are transferred by an organism only in small doses. As for other additives, it is extremely harmful components which are capable to cause various side effects - reddening, an itch, short wind, breast pains, nausea and even loss of sight and cancer tumors.

Smoked sausage demands the minimum processing of meat at the expense of what it is considered one of the most useful. And she is stored much longer. We will try to understand in more detail.

Exists several types of smoked sausage: actually smoked, cooked smoked, half-smoked and dry-cured. Initially



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