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What is known of far right secret network in the Bundeswehr

The message about secret network of the right radicals in the Bundeswehr who were allegedly planning murders of politicians which widely dispersed in the Russian media in Germany did not cause a stir. Whether there was a plot?

This story from in what it is easy to get confused is difficult to check information, and it is easy to manipulate the assumptions. On the past weekend the Russian mass media reported disclosure in Germany of a plot of secret network of military of the Bundeswehr who as writes TASS, "prepared weapon and fuel warehouses and also, perhaps, prepared murder of politicians".

the Russian version of RT (before Russia Today) reports that conspirators "about 200 soldiers", and in the list of the potential victims - not only the cochairman of fraction of the opposition Left-wing party in the Bundestag Dietmar Bartsch and the vice-president of the Bundestag from opposition party "the Union-90/"green" Claudia Roth who in a note is mistakenly called the leader of the party, but also politicians of the highest rank. In particular, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the member of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany Heiko Maas and the former president of Germany Joachim Gauck are mentioned.

New aspect of sensational case of German military

Can arise feeling that Germany appeared on the verge of a military putsch, and in army the underground structures which are waiting in the wings what to come to the power are created and to deal shortly with the famous left politicians - almost like 100 years ago. Actually it not so. It is rather about possible threat which scale still the investigation should find out. Unlike Russia, in Germany this message did not evoke a wide response yet.

New turn in a notorious affair which became known in 2017 in detail describes in fresh number the Munich magazine Focus in article under the name "Plot". According to it, it is about one of aspects of legal investigation of the senior lieutenant of the Bundeswehr Franco A. who was arrested at the beginning of 2017. This officer adhered to far-right views and allegedly planned to conduct a terrorist attack under the guise of the Syrian refugee to provoke public discontent.

Among its allegedly potential victims was mentioned the former Minister of Justice Heiko Maas who heads the MFA now, and the politician from Green Party Claudia Roth. In the summer of 2018 the court in Frankfurt am Main considered insufficient proofs that Franco A. "resolved" to conduct a terrorist attack. Now he will be judged under other, less tough articles, but the State Office of Public Prosecutor challenges the decision of the Frankfurt court in Federal trial chamber.

Studying a circle of contacts of Franco A., investigators of Federal department on criminal cases (BKA) came across the certificates indicating possible existence of a certain "secret network" from among the former and current soldiers of the Bundeswehr. The closed chats which were among other things conducted in the Telegram messenger were one of the main sources of information.

of "Vyzhivalshchiki" ready to kill?

As writes Focus, during new investigation in the field



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