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What has stayed behind scenes a match of the Champions League of Dynamo - Ajax

What has stayed behind scenes a match of the Champions League of Dynamo - Ajax
In the night of August 29 in the capital of Ukraine for the permit in the most monetary football tournament of Europe and the whole world clubs from Kiev and Amsterdam battled.

Alas, wards of the head coach Alexander Khatskevich have held a game enough powerlessly (an exception - the goalkeeper Denis Boyko creating improbable saves in "frame"), so, that especially and not to talk about a match: Ajax was stronger, and will fairly play in group of the Champions League. And, here, what remained behind visibility limits during a TV broadcast, knows

Fan "wars"
of the Notice on "Olympic" didn't leave, according to official figures has visited a match 43 131 viewers. Fans of Ajax on the guest sector there were only about one hundred. And before the most starting whistle fans from Rodichi group on purpose have tried to attack them "to wring out" banners and flags. But have even not reached as the sector of the Dutch fans was at once surrounded by police officers, and didn't depart to a final whistle from there.

Smokers at
By the way, guests from Amsterdam felt on "Olympic" freely, and it is even more. For example, at stadiums in the Netherlands smoking is forbidden (both tobacco, and other medicines), and in Kiev the police made light of the smoking Dutches. If only weren't crossed with ours as nevertheless it happened in one of cafe of Kiev before a game where there was a fight.

of Video (mat, 18):

BY THE WAY whether

are Known by you that...

If in the 14th minute Dusan Tadic has scored a goal after finishing the unsuccessful blow from a 11-meter mark, then he wouldn't be included. The ball has got to a bar, and only other player could finish it (can't be at execution of a penalty 2 in a row contacts of a ball with one player). And Tadic of it whether didn't know, whether has forgotten - and has struck. Tadic mist de penalty.dinAJA AJAX dynAJA - Ajax Video (@VideoAjax) 28 серпня "Not Huy to shchastit 2018 rubles!" fans and players of Ajax have

tradition: after a game football players leave to the fan sector where thank fans for support. Here, and after the match with Dynamo one hundred Dutch fans remained on places until the police - without roughness has begun to drive them from there (and precisely without manhandling), but inconsiderately: like, "have stayed for a while - gather home".

Some fans of Ajax were indignant and to calm them there was on behalf of club a sporting director, the goalkeeper of Ajax, famous in the past, and Manchester United and also the national team of Holland Edwin of Van der of SAR. I have asked not to brawl, I have clapped, to him have applauded in reply and have dispersed.

Not football
Prior to a match has been declared that the Kiev subway, because of the late beginning of a match, will continue work for one hour. That is, the last train from the center is had been decided to send at 1:15 in the night. While the main time of a match came to an end at midnight.

What here to tell? Only the fact that in the capital subway badly understand soccer: the option at which in the main time of a match of Dynamo - Ajax would be recorded to a scha hasn't been excluded



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