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What do you see here? There are 2 options, and your choice will show how your brains are arranged

Give vent to subconsciousness!

attach to psychological tests the increasing significance in recent years. Many companies and public institutions use them at employment to learn more about potential candidates. Psychotherapists also apply these tests better to understand the clients.

Often what we see reflects the course of our thoughts. For this reason tests for perception of images yield such exact result.

of Ent? rate de algo publishes the test in which there are only two possible answers. Look at

on the picture and tell that you see here. You remember: attentively it is not necessary to consider the drawing - just tell what the first was evident to you.

So what you saw?

Head of a lion.

If first of all you saw the image of the lion's head, it means that you have very practical mind. You are inclined to consider everything and to analyze. You achieve the best results in the fields of knowledge demanding attentiveness and care. Sometimes you are stubborn

and want that everything was in your opinion. At such moments it is quite good to listen to others - it will allow you to learn more, and manifestation of empathy will contribute to your development.

you do not like to leave the zone of comfort and do not accept different surprises and innovations. Because of it you sometimes are afraid of the future therefore try to study new to become better and quieter.

Though sometimes to you is hard to adapt to a situation, you are able to overcome any difficulties thanks to the ability to approach any question rationally and to all to find an explanation. The main thing - not to be set!

the Monkey on a tree.

If you saw a monkey on a tree, it means that you have very creative mind, always full of original and daring ideas. We advise to embody them in reality. However, for a start you should learn to organize yourself because you eternally do not have enough for anything time.

you are capable to solve any problem whatever difficult it was. And all because the rich imagination and ingenuity allow you to find a way out even of those situations which are presented to others desperate. You know that each vital step is a valuable lesson, and are even able to derive benefit from failures.

Sometimes to you should pay more attention to what occurs around. Not always it is useful to live in own world. Remember that you are necessary to the relatives, - do not become reserved!

But to you is very easy to get new friends because you always know how to whom to be pleasant.

As to you result? Similar to the truth?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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