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What cheese suits you best of all on zodiac sign?

What cheese suits you best of all on zodiac sign?
Tasty astrology. whether

are Known by you that to each zodiac sign there corresponds the grade of cheese?

of Cheese Sex Death publishes the recommendations of the best astrologers and epicures. Try!

the Aries - Dorblu.

For this sign is very important to be original and will be allocated against the background of others. This quality pushes Arieses on experiments and search of novel.

And Dorblu - thanks to the spicy aroma and unusual texture - is allocated on any cheese plate!

the Taurus - parmesan.

Tauruses don't like to hurry in one business, whether it be the love relations or meal. Everything "quickly" means to them "hastily", and, including food, has to undergo testing time and quality. whether

Exists more classical cheese, than parmesan? The greatness of parmesan confirms the fact that millions of people love worldwide and use him in the kitchen.

Twins - Roquefort cheese.

These people - continuous contradictions and paradoxes. If you want to hold the interest of Twins, then offer them something difficult and many-sided. The same in gastronomic addictions - only an ekstraordinarnost, only novelty!

Roquefort cheese - that cheese with many-sided taste. And his taste can change: when you eat it, new notes and aroma of sheep milk appear.

Cancer -
Under a rigid and firm cover of Cancers disappears thin and sentimental nature. Once you touch the corresponding strings, representatives of this sign begin to melt. Especially if it is about love.

the Uneven cover of this cheese can push away at first, but don't hurry to draw conclusions! Actually таледжо has the most delicate taste and creamy texture.

the Lion - gruyere.

This sign will never miss an opportunity to declare oneself loudly, he always chooses what is expensive, high quality and in general is elite. The concept "too" for them doesn't exist.

Gruyere is the traditional Swiss cheese without holes having sharp juicy aroma and slightly nut taste. The premium - "old" gruyere which is matured longer than 15 months.

the Maiden - Conte.

of the Maiden don't love surprises - they choose naturalness and quality. There would be their will, they would get poisoned on a farm where they do their favourite cheese that will personally make sure of professionalism of all workers.

of Conte is one of the best-known French cheeses which is ideal for a fondue.

Scales - sheep cheese.

Scales - the sign of partnership. In the gastronomic world it means, for example, cheese wine or cheese honey. That is this sign will suit such type of cheese which will be perfectly combined with different products and drinks.

sheep cheese has gentle aroma and unostentatious taste which allows to combine it with anything.

the Scorpion - a gorgondzola. Scorpions take

everything to the maximum and also love intensive and strong aromas. As for gastronomic preferences, Scorpions often carry themselves to people with элитн



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