Date: 5 months ago   Category: Health

What can't be done if have woken up in the middle of night

The situation when for the unclear reasons you could wake up in the middle of night is familiar to everyone. By data foreign experts, Everyone reacts to it in own way: someone just sleeps farther, someone will decide to descend in a toilet, and others in panic will watch at time whether it is time for them to wake up. the Physician Michael Breus has told

what categorically can't be done in such situations, otherwise itself can get insomnia easily. According to him, people most often do that, as leads to unpleasant consequences. The sleep debt, fatigue and the reduced efficiency becomes result.

First of all, the doctor has advised not to do the most widespread - not to go to a toilet. Naturally, it is only about situations when the decision to visit the bathroom has come only because you have woken up, and there is no serious need for it. If you understand that business doesn't suffer delays, then at once go on the affairs.

The matter is that if you become from a bed at midnight awakening, or you will even just sit down, your warm rhythm will increase. According to the doctor, it prevents return to a condition of a dream, and transfers you to wakefulness "mode".

the Following council of the expert became refusal of check of time. In attempt to recognize which now hour, in the head is formed an additional stream of thoughts that the brain will bring out of somnolence.

In addition, it isn't necessary to try to count amount of time which remained to an alarm clock call. When you wake up in the middle of night, and you begin to consider the remained hours, in a brain there is a fear not to receive enough time for a dream. As a result, the person can't fall asleep at all.

Michael Breus has added that if you have woken up in the middle of night, then it is necessary to close eyes, will turn over on the other side and to try not to think of anything. Thanks to such actions you will be able quickly to return to a condition of a dream.



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